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I cannot reactivate my phone after getting the recent update because I do not remember what my apple id or password is

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I got the most recent update and I cannot get back into my phone. I do not know what the apple id or password is. If someone could help me find out based on my phone number or something that would be great
Asked: 08:57 08/04/2016
soniajr 08:57 08/04/2016
Try the same username and password as the one you logged into these boards with. If that doesn’t work, use Apple’s iForgot service, or contact their Account Security team, or if you’re the iPhone’s original owner, take it and its purchase receipt to a physical Apple Store or otherwise contact Apple.

nuttakorn 08:57 08/04/2016
Your Apple ID is your email address. Did you forget your email address?
rational 08:57 08/04/2016
Greetings ady, Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities! I understand that after updating your iOS device to iOS 9.3, your current Apple ID and password are not working to activate your device. In some cases, the hint that you see on the Activate iPhone screen may not match your current Apple ID. We know that this situation can be frustrating, but we’re here to help. To troubleshoot this situation and work towards resolving it, please read over and follow the steps from the following article. If you can't activate your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch after installing a software update - Apple Support Best

I cannot reactivate my phone after getting the recent update because I do not remember what my apple id or password is

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