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I DO NOT want pictures to appear I do not know why PLEASE REMOVE

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Suddenly as soon as I turn on my computer a picture then do you like what I see and Not a fan So sometimes I click on not a fan and a new picture comes up Please I don't want pictures Please remove
Asked: 11:15 16/02/2016
rey 11:15 16/02/2016
Go to PC Settings->Personalise->Lock screen and set things there.
astrax 11:15 16/02/2016
More specifically, you have Windows Spotlight enabled.

Click the Start icon in the lower left and pick settings
" >

When the setting window opens> click Personalization and choose Lock Screen from the left sidebar.

Toggle the setting by clicking the box that says "Windows spotlight."
" >

You can choose a static (never changing) image by selecting "Picture" or you could navigate to a folder filled with your favorite pics and use that folder for a "Slideshow."

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I DO NOT want pictures to appear I do not know why PLEASE REMOVE

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