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I have a Nokia Lumia 710 with windows 7: may I swich to an other software guarding the same phone?

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I tried to download Whatsapp but it doesn't support Windows Phone 7. My smartphone is nearly new because it staied unused for years and I don't want to change it. Is there a way to use Whatsapp without changing telephone?
Asked: 19:21 30/11/2016
trifi 19:21 30/11/2016
you can download the older version of the app from internet. I suspect there is not many site or none at all providing app files to wp7. The os is absolute, it has been years since it was dismantled like wp 8/8.1 . You have to switch to a newer phone in terms of software i mean. You lumia 710 might only be a few months old and a year off unused but overtime the software is left unusable.
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santhosh 19:21 30/11/2016
Unfortunately while the hardware may work fine, the software has left it in the dust.

I have a Nokia Lumia 710 with windows 7: may I swich to an other software guarding the same phone?

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