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I just purchased a new IPAD Pro for my wife. I have an IPAD AIR 2 already on the network. How do i keep from syncing everything to the new IPAD PRO

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I just purchased a new IPAD Pro for my wife. I already have an IPAD Air 2 on the network. How do I keep everything from syncing to the IPAD Pro from the network?
Asked: 05:24 25/05/2016
sheepish 05:24 25/05/2016
iPads don't sync from the network. The sync from iTunes on a computer.

What exactly are you trying to prevent?
btp 05:24 25/05/2016
separate Apple IDs>
thfc1afc0 05:24 25/05/2016
I have two iPads listed in my iMac iTunes: the old one (which had my full name) and the new one (which I immediately renamed while setting it up). Both are used with the same Apple ID. I kept both listed until I had had the new one for about 2 weeks and was ready to sell the old one. There was no problem accessing either backup during that time. I do not know if this makes a difference, but I do NOT have automatic syncing enabled - I sync manually.
dharmarucci 05:24 25/05/2016
Use separate AppleIDs and set up Family Sharing.
thfc1afc0 05:24 25/05/2016
Not sure what prompted your suggestions as I do not have a problem. There is no need for two Apple IDs for one person. Neither is Family Sharing.
dharmarucci 05:24 25/05/2016
I'm sorry. The question's title said OP got a new iPad Pro for his wife and he had an iPad Air already. Seemed to imply there were two different people using two different devices.
thfc1afc0 05:24 25/05/2016
That's correct - you addressed your post to me though and I was another person simply trying to help the OP.

I just purchased a new IPAD Pro for my wife. I have an IPAD AIR 2 already on the network. How do i keep from syncing everything to the new IPAD PRO

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