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I upgrade to Android 6 in my MOTO G2 phone, now my phone is connecting to my laptop.

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I need to transfer files from phone to my laptop.
Asked: 11:06 07/03/2016
gabtun 11:06 07/03/2016
Moto G2? Moving to the Moto G (2014) forum.
er2er 11:06 07/03/2016
Welcome to MobiFAQ! When you connect via USB, swipe down the notification panel--do you see a USB icon there? If so, tap it and make sure MTP is selected.
alemons 11:06 07/03/2016
When you connect USB to a PC/laptop, it's connected for only charging. (In marshmallow)

Swipe down the notification bar. You will see the USB option.

Change it to file transfer.

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I upgrade to Android 6 in my MOTO G2 phone, now my phone is connecting to my laptop.

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