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i wanna reset my passport but dont wanna loose the apps

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my passports is getting slow, i wanna reset to factory but dont want to loose some apps THAT i cannot get now from android.

is there a way i can copy the apk file or something?? and reinstall it after?

thanks guys
Asked: 07:15 16/09/2016
lemoorenet 07:15 16/09/2016
It depends on how you obtained the apk file. Check your device downloads folder. If they're there, copy them to your unencrypted mSD card or to your PC. After the factory reset, you can install them from the mSD, or transfer them back from your PC. Note that they will be a fresh installation -- a game would have no progress saved.
azw 07:15 16/09/2016
Or use BlackBerry Link to selectively backup those particular apps.

Don't use Link to backup anything else though, as it tends to put your corruption back too.

i wanna reset my passport but dont wanna loose the apps

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