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I want to extend my lumia 950 xl message notification time?

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I have just purchased a Lumia 950 xl, all good so far except that the time the message notification sounds is way too short for my needs.
I have gone through the phones settings & to the best of my ability I found nothing that helped!
I am the first to say that I may have missed the setting required but has anyone out there got the answer to my probem?
Asked: 15:03 10/11/2016
sbrfan 15:03 10/11/2016
You will need to use custom notifications in order to do this. One of my fav apps for this is Melodia.
monkeymicro 15:03 10/11/2016
Yeah thanks for that option but I think Windows 10 mobile could & should offer more options with the notification times. Or am I just being unreasonable? lolololol

I want to extend my lumia 950 xl message notification time?

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