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Intel HD 4600 Graphics driver stopped responding and recovered after Windows 10 1511 upgrade

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The listed issue has been in for months and is seen on most computers from most manufacturers.

The display of graphics causes the reset of the drivers and in most cases a reset of the program or web site is needed. In some cases it simply redisplays. With each update from Windows 10 the problem seem to be increasing.

The excuses for a fix are numerous and Intel keeps pointing to Microsoft and based on the issue getting wore after numerous upgraded automatically downloaded by Windows 10 software it seem neither company have a solution. We are not stupid and realize if this is a chip issue and Microsoft cannot address it and Intel must with a hardware fix the cost will be high. To simply ignore the problem and hope it will go away is not what is expected from Microsoft. A simple statement on what the two companies are doing to address the problem will help . Intel keeps stating their engineers are surely looking at the issue but will not specifically state they are leads people to think run-around.

Any response will be appreciated.
Asked: 18:36 17/02/2016
sheepish 18:36 17/02/2016
Hi welcome to MobiFAQ,

We are a fan based site with no affiliation to Microsoft. You would need to contact Microsoft and ask them.
jcwacky 18:36 17/02/2016
Hi, new MobiFAQ fan,

This article maybe can helps to explain the reason.

Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered

It seems this will only happens upon Windows Vista. And the graphic driver stopped responding and recovered automatically remind you to update the graphic driver or optimize your computer.

Intel HD 4600 Graphics driver stopped responding and recovered after Windows 10 1511 upgrade

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