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ios 9.2,9.2.1 email app issues

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There seems to be an issue with the apple email app.

Emails seem to stop pushing to the app and so they are late. You double click and close the app and within seconds emails start pushing again.

This seems to be a problem with very good signal by network or wifi.

I've done all the typical reset network settings,restore,reboot etc,etc,etc.

Seems fine on ipad ios9.2

Asked: 07:33 11/02/2016
mbristol 07:33 11/02/2016
Which email provider?
kereta7 07:33 11/02/2016
mbristol 07:33 11/02/2016
Have you checked settings> mail, contacts, calendars> fetch new data> outlook and make sure push is enabled? Also which mailboxes are being pushed?
kereta7 07:33 11/02/2016
Yes. Set to push. Inbox and sent.

Tried removing check mark by sent but no change.

So you understand this is not all the time. Mail pushes fine for a while and then seems to just quit pushing. I know there's mail because it's on my iPad. I've found as I said originally that closing the mail app seems to correct the issue and within seconds mail pushes again. It's almost like the mail app hangs up and closing it corrects the push issue.

IF I leave things alone the mail will eventually come in but could be several minutes or even 20-30 minutes late.Thanks
mbristol 07:33 11/02/2016
In my experience, that sort of erratic behaviour can be resolved with the 4Rs.

Hard restart, then reset network settings, then reset all settings then restore to factory.
kereta7 07:33 11/02/2016
Done all these things many times and it seems to work for a while without problem and then problems receiving mail again.

It's fine that reset network settings seems to fix issues like this, but how often should you have to do this. DAILY!!!

I'm also every so often getting 'Cannot get mail' ' connection to server failed' message when I open the mail app.

I've found this on the internet by other people and have done all the typical things. Reset network settings , change password, move mail into separate folder, etc.etc.etc.

I don't know if this is an ios problem,, my ISP, or combo of some or all.

Very frustrating!!!

I'm thinking more Apple because reset network settings does fix for a time, probably the most reliable fix I've found, though very short lived.

Like I said before, to get consistent on time email, do you really have to reset network settings every day!!!

Thanks for your time

mbristol 07:33 11/02/2016
If it were me, I would try the Outlook App for a while. I have and don't like it, but it would perhaps help you isolate the issue.

Absolutely agree that daily is not expected behaviour.

There are a bunch of "Yahoo in iOS Mail is broken" threads here in the last few days, so it may be that the email providers are tinkering with their services and the issue may be there.

Regardless of provider, email is typically a "works, or doesn't work" thing. Do you have nay other PUSH services that work fine? Contacts, Calendars etc.?
kereta7 07:33 11/02/2016
Okay, I ran a trial.

I forwarded my email to the Gmail app on my phone, still leaving a copy on outlook, so I should get email from both places.

An email came in and was instantly on the gmail app, and on my ipad apple app. Both on time.

Waited a couple minutes, still no mail to iPhone mail app. I double clicked and closed the mail app.

Within 2 seconds the email came in on the apple mail app. Of course showing a few minutes late.

It seems the mail app is freezing, or exchange is freezing, I don't know, but I think this proves something.

kereta7 07:33 11/02/2016
TThe email I just got letting me know your reply came 2 minutes late with 25 meg solid wifi.

I Don't really like the outlook app either. One thing that really bugs me about it in regards to the problem I'm having. It shows the emails arrived NOW no matter when they actually hit the server. You don't know if late or not.

I Get other notifications i.e.: Twitter Facebook periscope etc. all on time. It's just emails that are late quite often.

mbristol 07:33 11/02/2016
I think what we are seeing is each mail provider dropping support for push except via their own apps.

Not an elegant way to do this of course and I don't believe they just shut it off. At the same time, it's been tough to find a solution as well.

Gmail doesn't do push via iOS Mail any more. So I would;t be surprised to see Outlook/Hotmail et al do the same.

I can see the pattern in your apps that still push. None compete with Apple app-to-app. All mail providers compete with iOS Mail. Just a theory.

ios 9.2,9.2.1 email app issues

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