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iOS 9.3 web link freese

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I Really wonder how an obvious web link error after upgrade to 9.3 couldn't be detected with the beta and test process, does it become so easy for Apple to just release a new version ASAP without really testing it, who will protect our rights from such fraudulent software bug, why we have to just sit and wait for the upgrade when all our works are delayed cause of this obvious error. I asked apple to change my iPhone 6 to the series that was not affected, since some series are not facing that problem (and i would like to know the reason why some series are not affected and some are), but my demand was denied cause it's not a hardware error as Apple claimed to me, well it's not me who released the 9.3 update without testing it. Would an apologize from me would be enough and acceptable by Apple if I didn't pay my duties to them on time, I don't think so, why then I should accept their apologize and wait for the release of the new update when they could easily replace my new out of the box iphone 6 to a series that was not affected by the update. COULD ANY ONE GIVE ME A REPLY For this particular answer and tell me how i could sue Apple. It's really frustrating how you could just sit without being able at least to go back to the previous version so you can continue your work just because some of the engineer at Apple decided to release this version as quick as possible , when any tester could face that problem just by clicking at any web link. Who will protect our rights from now on. And how can we act in the future from similar fault.

Just give us our minimum rights as you are taking your rights to the last penny. Any Apple higher level senior have a reply to me?

Peter Moughani.
Asked: 03:39 18/04/2016
tadikonda 03:39 18/04/2016
You are not addressing to Apple here. This is user to user forum and Apple representatives are rare visitors here.
The issues have been already fixed in iOS 9.3.1.
andrewsnider 03:39 18/04/2016
Hi there,

I understand this must be a frustrating problem for you.

Firstly, please understand that this is not run by Apple Support staff, this is a place that anyone around the world can access to help you out.

Apple has released an update to fix this issue. Read; iOS 9.3.1 Is Now Available!

iOS 9.3 web link freese

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