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how do you move songs on iMac iTunes to iphone 6s?

Have iMac have iTunes I downloaded CD's to my iTunes library Now how do I transfer these songs to my iphone 6splus The phone is...

by greghuston Last post 21:48 08/06/2016 601 2

Can I end the finger print and security code?

How could I end the Security Code and Finger Print to enter my iPhone 6?

by bresso Last post 21:45 08/06/2016 550 1

How do i change my security questions

I Forgot my securtiy questions to my apply id and would like to change them so i can purchase music

by jimb Last post 21:42 08/06/2016 577 1

My storage is showing I have 16.4GB used in pictures but I deleted all of my accounts from my phone

My storage shows that I have 16 4GB used up in my emails and attachments but I already deleted all of my accounts off of my...

by cgimaster Last post 21:39 08/06/2016 603 1

safari moved from bottom of screen

Safari has moved from bottom of the screen into an "app square" labeled Productivity along with The Economist magazine Why? How...

by itc Last post 21:36 08/06/2016 564 3

Recovering Storage Space on iPad Touch

I'm trying to figure out where all of my storage space has gone My iPad Touch has a 12 5 GB capacity but it is currently...

by ovidiu Last post 21:03 08/06/2016 661 4

Mysterious Download Error Stuck in iTunes Store App on iPad Pro

On my iPad Pro there is an error with two video downloads in the iTunes Store app The two download errors cannot be deleted so...

by cray Last post 21:00 08/06/2016 775 6

iPad will not Update or Restore

After connecting my iPad to iTunes nothing happened So I pushed to Recovery Mode: I then get: So choose Restore and got: so...

by Last post 20:57 08/06/2016 1103 14

App Store - Blank White Screen iOS 9.3.1 Fix

I just had this problem no access to the App Store just a blank white screen I have a new SE iPhone with iOS 9 3 1I tried a...

by johnh Last post 20:54 08/06/2016 698 1

I pad mini 3

I have an ipad mini 3 16 gigs It has shut down twice before and it took 2 days before turning on Now that I was trying to...

by spidermonkey Last post 20:51 08/06/2016 597 5

Could it cause a damage on the battery on iPhone 5s if I use a LG G3 charger?

I lost my iPhone´s charger and I am using an LG G3 charger but I was Reading that this can cause a damage on the battery...

by gab1982 Last post 20:48 08/06/2016 541 2

How how can I convert UK used iPhone 5s to work with Nigerian sim?

i got a UK used iPhone 5s from my uncle but doesn't work with Nigerian SIM card how can I make it work with Nigerian SIM card...

by williamscraig Last post 20:45 08/06/2016 563 5

Apple ID won't change in App Store!

Does anyone know how to change the Apple ID in the App store on the iPhone 4? The ID on my MacBook and in my iTunes are both...

by Last post 20:42 08/06/2016 1271 13

Delete multipule contacts

How do I delete multiple contacts at one time It is kinda painful to select each contact edit scroll to the bottom and hit...

by plainjanes Last post 20:39 08/06/2016 503 2

How to Delete ALL photo's from iPhone?

My iPhone's memory became full I have downloaded all photos to OSx Photos and backed them up Now I would like to delete the...

by ikkiphenix Last post 20:36 08/06/2016 788 1

No cell service after update settings menu change

help this is awful no cell service since updatesettings menu changed confirmed with other iphone 6in the house that didnt...

by shinetech Last post 20:33 08/06/2016 530 2

How do I find and insert generated codes?

I Need help from to find the generated codes?

by rational Last post 20:30 08/06/2016 514 1

Iphone 3g has reversed colors while charging

My phone was plugged into a surge suppressor for charging While it was being charged the phone suddenly reversed color on main...

by scoreboard Last post 20:24 08/06/2016 552 9

How many years is it going to take...

Before Apple can solve the "iTunes could not back up the iPhone "xxx" because the iPhone disconnected"? Seriously tired of...

by mcdar Last post 20:21 08/06/2016 976 12

iPhone 5S high data usage

Sometime last month my cellular data usage with Verizon increased substantially I'm currently running IOS 9 3 2 (13F69) After...

by serep Last post 20:18 08/06/2016 526 1