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How can I view data stored in backup?

HHow can I see what I backed up?

by comval Last post 20:15 08/06/2016 560 2

Authentication required every time new sim is entered into Iphone

After the new apple update this week of May 18th 2016 every time one changes the sim card you need to re authenticate your...

by sprouty Last post 20:12 08/06/2016 495 3

how to sync Notes between iPhone and MacBook

Using OSX 10 10 1 how can I sync content of Notes on my MacBook with Notes on my my iPhone version 9 3 2?I have seen many...

by livinginitaly Last post 20:09 08/06/2016 775 4

iPad Pro 9.7 leather case

Is there an iPad Pro 9 7 case (not cover) similar to the leather case for the iPad Air2 ?

by wozza Last post 19:33 08/06/2016 621 1

If I do a reset can I somehow keep pictures

I wish to give my iPad to my wife and reset it in her name How can she keep the many cooking recipes she has loaded on my iPad...

by seostudent Last post 19:30 08/06/2016 555 1

iPad Pro update 9.3.2

I keep getting a message that there is no internet connection which is hindering the verification of the update The internet...

by 32paul52 Last post 19:27 08/06/2016 553 4

Blue screen when i upgraded from ios 9.2 to 9.3.1 on my iPad air. Please help

Blue screen when i upgraded from ios 9 2 to 9 3 1 on my iPad air Please help

by les Last post 19:24 08/06/2016 703 8

If I pull the sim from a full price AT&T iPhone is it then Sim-Free?

I want to buy a sim free iPhone SE but Apple won't have any to ship for several weeks The nearest Apple Store doesn’t...

by esmint Last post 19:18 08/06/2016 835 6

Foto lista contatti in rubrica

Suggerisco agli sviluppatori di inserire nella lista dei contatti in rubrica la foto accanto assegnata al profilo sfogliando...

by michwolf Last post 19:12 08/06/2016 542 1

iPhone 5s keeps downloading old e-mails

My iPhone 5s keeps downloading old e mails It started as soon as I first set it up and has so far gone back as far as March...

by shknoll Last post 19:09 08/06/2016 588 2

Unable to call or receive calls after latest update

I am unable to make or receive any calls since updating my phone on Wednesday So far I have only found places to receive Apple...

by tootpick Last post 19:06 08/06/2016 497 3

could darknet assist finding my unlock phone code

Lost my phones pass code Could anyone assist?

by dazzlindonna Last post 18:29 08/06/2016 519 5

I updated my iPhone 6 to iOS 9.3.2 and I'm having multiple issues.

On May 19 2016 I updated my iPhone 6 from iOS 9 3 1 to iOS 9 3 2 At first it "BRICKED" on me It wouldn't finish the update Then...

by cecilia Last post 18:24 08/06/2016 854 3

Remotely create ilcoud account

Hello coouple of questions can I create an icloud accound remotely for a lost device and then track it?Also does an IMEI number...

by lunargravity Last post 18:21 08/06/2016 485 1

iPhone 4S bricked after 9.3.2 update

I tried to update my iPhone 4S from 9 1 to 9 3 2 It was loading just fine and once it finished loading it got stuck did not...

by percept Last post 18:18 08/06/2016 764 2

Deleted number in iMessage

I have delted a contact from my contact list However if I go to my messages click create new message and start typing the name...

by andre Last post 18:15 08/06/2016 557 5

my iphone 5 keeps zooming in. it is so bad that i cannot shut down my phone. what can i do to fix this problem?

It zooms in on the home page on the apps and on the shut down screen I have tried shutting down it would not work and I do not...

by lpastor Last post 18:12 08/06/2016 572 1

How can I edit my cell phone number in my Apple ID

can I edit my cell phone number in my Apple ID

by jdgo Last post 18:09 08/06/2016 684 1

News in english

Hi I am in Germany my iphone's language setting is set to English Until recently when I swipped left I would see my news in...

by ergobob Last post 18:06 08/06/2016 519 5

Siri does not change my name when i ask...

I will ask "Siri change my name to " and she will confirm When i say yes or click yes to confirm she says "I am sorry I cannot...

by diffusionx Last post 17:09 08/06/2016 577 4