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iOS 9.3.2 upgrade still offered for iPad pro 9.7 on os X iTunes

I have just purchased a new iPad pro 9 7 I am fully aware that there are issues with IOS 9 3 2 and that Apple announced it...

by ginostylz Last post 17:06 08/06/2016 896 14

My ipad wont sync

my ipad wont connect/sync to itunes it will charge and iphoto will come up but itunes wont connect

by cdgeorge Last post 17:03 08/06/2016 494 2

iPad Air 2 on iOS 9.3.2 - safari scrolling not smooth

i have Air 2 for longer than year Always updated to the newest iOS 9 3 2 is the first OS which Safari is scrolling is not...

by anastrophe Last post 17:00 08/06/2016 865 1

Not happy with the air 2

my third iPad Air 2 since new last October the first had trouble with connectivity the second just up and died am my new and...

by intermax Last post 16:57 08/06/2016 607 4

factory reset but don't remember password

I lost access to my old email after a divorce and have forgotten my password so can't factory reset my old iPad to give my...

by shaileshbiz Last post 16:54 08/06/2016 863 1

ios9.2.3 iPad 2 home button

Hi sorry to do this but I dont know another way to let you know about a problem I am having with the latest update Since...

by hansonyan Last post 16:51 08/06/2016 565 2

Iphone 5s camera does not autofocus

my camera in 5s do not auto focus if i click on camera screen once it just displays exposure square but it wont auto focus...

by elemental Last post 16:48 08/06/2016 554 2

Does updating the iPhone software reduce the total storage?How come my 16 GB iphone 5S has usable storage of just 11.9 GB?

Does updating the iPhone software reduce the total storage?How come my 16 GB iphone 5S has usable storage of just 11 9 GB?

by dreamdivinenet Last post 16:45 08/06/2016 517 2

My phone was hacked via my apple id

My phone has hacked Tuesday night and made a number of texts and calls to a 0086 number that charged me 21p to the total of...

by albertindian2001 Last post 16:42 08/06/2016 603 1

how to sync my iPhone 6 with Microsoft Outlook 2016 installed in my Mac

how to sync my iPhone 6 with Microsoft Outlook installed in my Mac?

by aab Last post 16:39 08/06/2016 1005 12

Calls directly to voice mail without ringing

A number of my calls are going directly to voice mail without the phone even ringing "do not disturb" is not activated and the...

by z06tim Last post 16:36 08/06/2016 446 2

Why Wont It Let Me Redownload Snapchat ?

My snapchat was glitching and messing up so I deleted it I was planning Redownloading it and hoping it w agai But now when i go...

by jimscottsteve Last post 16:33 08/06/2016 1320 2

wifi button not working

Wi Fi is grayed out or dim on my iPhone ive tried the RESET NETWORK SETTINGS still not working any help please

by terrence Last post 16:30 08/06/2016 856 7

why aren't my playlists included in iphone backups?

Earlier today I wiped my phone for literally no reason (I checked "Manually Manage Music & Videos" which I thought I needed to...

by l234244 Last post 16:27 08/06/2016 865 2

How can I change the text responses to incoming calls?

How can I change the text responses to incoming calls?

by jambad Last post 16:24 08/06/2016 522 1

iPad 1 not syncing to iTunes 12

i have iPad 1 iOS 5 1 1 and i am eager to use it at this point and i simply can't sync it wit my library i ve tried restarting...

by gibbsman Last post 15:30 08/06/2016 610 1

Safari won't open on iPad

Hey can anyone help me out? My safari on my iPad won't open anywhere period I looked up how to open it again and they said go...

by rxpress Last post 15:27 08/06/2016 1200 7

How do you delete "uneditable" photos?

How do you delete "uneditable" photos? What made them uneditable in the first place?

by click4 Last post 15:24 08/06/2016 1130 10

Keeps lagging after updating to IOS 9.3.2, please help

I have a 64 GB iPhone 6 and have never had any problems with it but after upgrading to IOS 9 3 2 it keeps lagging every now and...

by philipb Last post 15:21 08/06/2016 503 1

I can´t restore my iPhone

My iPhone asks me to connect it to iTunes once i do it makes me go into restoring mode When it finishes updating it asks me...

by quattro Last post 15:18 08/06/2016 816 7