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is Samsung Galaxy S5 better than iPhone 5S?

Hi my friends suggest me to choose Samsung Galaxy S5 over iPhone 5S Should I listen to them?

by hulk Last post 04:24 04/09/2015 707 1

My iPhone get really hot, is it normal?

I've bought an old iPhone when I use it sometime it get really hot is it normal?

by tracy Last post 03:10 28/08/2015 684 1

Why can't I receive text on my iPhone?

I have been able to sent and received text the whole day on my iPhone but now I can not receive text anymore Still I can send...

by scarlett Last post 03:06 28/08/2015 740 1

is there a way to stop automatic spotify music sync?

Hi synchronizing music with spotify taking too much of my space how do i stop that?

by maryjane Last post 08:19 27/08/2015 650 0

When i do system upgrade on my iPhone, does it mean I am losing storage space?

Hello does upgrading iOS system take away storage space in my iPhone?

by nickbrown Last post 08:11 27/08/2015 608 0

Speed up iPhone 4S

Hi is there anyway that i can speed up an iPhone 4S?

by hulk Last post 07:32 27/08/2015 749 0

I drop my iPhone in a sink full of water, what should i do

Hi I have drop my iPhone 5s into a sink full of water It can not be turn on now what can i do

by hulk Last post 09:11 26/08/2015 700 0

which phone should i buy, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus?

Aloha could anyone advice which should I go for? an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 plus?

by hulk Last post 09:07 26/08/2015 611 0

Is iPhone 6 16gb enough for users who doesn't download any movies or music?

I'm planning to buy an iPhone 6 16GB but im afraid it will not have enough free space even i don't download and store any...

by hulk Last post 05:01 25/08/2015 1001 2

Cameras on iPhone 5S, is front and back are same quality?

Hi I've just bought an iPhone 5S Could you please tell me if the photos taken by front and back cameras are with the same...

by captainamerica Last post 04:45 25/08/2015 727 1

How to delete a city from Weather App in iOS

I'm using iPhone 6 plus and iOS 8 In ios 7 I can just swipe to delete a city in the weather app but now i can't do it in in ios...

by ironman Last post 04:30 25/08/2015 791 1