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I cannot use my Vodafone sim in my unlocked Telstra iPhone 5

I recently received an unlocked iPhone 5 that was prevalently bundled with telstra i was told that it was unlocked and looked...

by newcomputer Last post 23:14 26/12/2016 816 8

how can i unlock 6s + outside the us

just got a new iphone 6s+ and am unable to setup due an invalid SIM error it says the phone is locked

by paula Last post 17:54 12/12/2016 809 3

Why won't English unlocked iPhone accept Irish sim

Why won't my unlocked iPhone 4s accept Irish sim

by nasimov Last post 18:08 09/12/2016 693 3


SIM NOT VALIDThe SIM card that you currently have installed in this iPhone s from a carrier that is not Supported under the...

by romio Last post 19:40 08/12/2016 892 6

how to active iphone 5s carrier lock At&t

Hello Dear Iphone known friends i have one problem i bought a used iphone 5s but its not support in srilanka because its At&t...

by korney Last post 21:04 05/12/2016 943 2

How to recover deleted text messages on iPhone 6S Plus

I backed up my iPhone 6S Plus regularly via iCloud and I thought everything would be backed up on there Recently I got a lot of...

by vlead Last post 06:46 28/11/2016 937 6

Forgot Apple ID , forgot email address.

I with locked iPad here try unlock but I forgot Apple ID and also the email I use for log in that iPad first name yeslast name...

by geir Last post 06:28 28/11/2016 1072 4

iPhone carrier locked - Can't unlock

Hi all Brand new iPhone 6s in the UK purchased with contract on 02 network however 02 sim card has never been near the phone...

by dragon2 Last post 22:27 21/11/2016 1155 7

i live in Egypt and i need to unlock my iPhone 4, as it is locked to carrier at

i live in Egypt and i need to unlock my iPhone 4 as it is locked to carrier at&t

by andy Last post 21:06 07/11/2016 814 2

iPhone 5s will not unlock to any network after the IMEI not recognised by network due to being received from bank insurance?

I claimed for a new phone (5s) under my bank insurance the IMEI number is not recognised by my network (o2) as the phone did...

by rbucich Last post 14:07 21/10/2016 899 2

Getting An iPhone 6 Plus Unlocked Possible To Get in The US?

Hi I live in Jakarta and going to the US for the Summer break I was wondering is it possible to get an unlocked iPhone...

by hofavn Last post 21:52 13/10/2016 746 5

imei unlock

While imei unlock is the safest and permanent unlock where does one go to get their phones unlocked this way? Apple constantly...

by qcv123 Last post 18:16 07/10/2016 1399 14

SIM Not Valid, how to unlock by using carrier?

I got an iPhone while I was in Canada with Fido and I’ve used it for 2 years (my contract with them is over) but now...

by sinryder Last post 14:09 30/09/2016 1083 3

my iPhone 6 was unlocked to Rogers but now locked to Fido

So I just got my iPhone 6 yesterday my family friend got it off of his friend so he put in his fido SIM card into my iphone 6...

by jon12345 Last post 22:58 27/09/2016 1335 15

iPhone 6S unlocking- EE refuse?

So on 19 Dec 2015 I bought an iPhone 6S 16gb from a third party seller Everything's fine except that it's locked to EE This is...

by dbrinks Last post 15:02 27/09/2016 691 2

What are my options with iPhone 4 SIM locked after factory reset?

I bought an old iPhone 4 which I tested a bit (without the SIM/GSM functions) and it was working OK and straight as I brought...

by zenfort Last post 22:21 26/09/2016 919 2

Will iPhone lock to new carrier after unlock?

I requested that my iPhone be unlocked from my carrier They sent me the instructions for unlocking the phone which state that...

by akalex Last post 16:07 23/09/2016 789 8

I had bought iPhone 4s four years ago. Now my carrier refuse to unlock the phone so I can use another sim. What can I do?

I had bought iPhone 4s four years ago Now my carrier refuse to unlock the phone so I can use another sim What can I do?

by farhan Last post 20:07 16/09/2016 777 2

how to network unlock myanmar carrier?

any one help me

by ojm Last post 22:34 13/09/2016 820 3

if i buy my iphone in india do i need to unlock it for using in india ?

if i buy my iphone in india do i need to unlock it for using in india ?

by gordon_mullan Last post 16:14 09/09/2016 635 2