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Unlock iPhone 4 after request the unlocking to mobile operator

I made the request to unlock my iPhone 4 on my mobile operator How is the procedure of Apple and where do I proceed to...

by bigslowrock Last post 15:07 01/09/2016 655 5

Unlock of iPhone bought in Apple Store

Hello I'm a pay monthly Vodafone customer with IPhone 5s During the course of my contract my phone got damaged and got a...

by flawebworks Last post 16:44 30/08/2016 684 2

due to poor ios9.2.1 performance i rebooted my iPhone 6 (i bought it Sept 2014). now apple will not unlock it for me- since Feb 20/2016

due to poor ios9 2 1 performance i rebooted my iPhone 6(i bought it Sept 2014) now apple will not unlock it for me since Feb...

by alexo Last post 22:57 29/08/2016 1076 15

i need my iphone to be unlock

i need help to unlock my iphone 4s please ????

by boogle Last post 23:52 26/08/2016 721 5

I want to unlock my phone 4s so i can use any network i want

I have an Iphone 4s 16gb which is locked I want to unlock it so i can use any provider I want how do I do this

by dady Last post 21:05 26/08/2016 692 6

how to unlock my iphone 4 from vodafone

how to unlock my iphone 4 from vodafone

by wbarrett Last post 17:21 26/08/2016 762 2

I bought an iphone from Apple store in USA,Can I use it in India or i must unlock it.

I bought an iphone from Apple store in USA Can I use it in India or i must be unlock it

by twinsrul Last post 10:55 20/08/2016 687 4

How do I transfer photos from laptop to iPhone 6

How do I transfer photos from laptop to iPhone 6

by tigrou Last post 03:03 11/08/2016 760 2

How to restore call history from iPhone 6S

I got a lot of spamming calls from unknown resources and sadly there is effective mechanism to block them on iPhone So i...

by milesmawyer Last post 09:31 10/08/2016 848 3

How do I clean my iPhone from junk files?

Hello I am new to iPhone before I used HTC I´ve had it for a week only but anyway I am quite curious how to clean the...

by rapidgaming Last post 06:21 05/08/2016 1019 8

IPad2 stuck in recovery mode...

When my ipad2 is connected to iTunes I get a message saying that the ipad is in recovery mode and needs restoring I have...

by romeo Last post 05:53 05/08/2016 1005 9

Unlock an Iphone 6

have service through att and got a new iPhone 6+ and was giving my old iPhone 6 to my son he has mobile and we found out that...

by sicton Last post 19:50 02/08/2016 743 7

iPhone 5s battery life very bad on ios 9.1

Brand new iPhone 5s uses battery VERY quickly when used for any task It doesn't get anywhere near Apples own usage claims of...

by jamesw Last post 07:31 31/07/2016 851 4

How do i unlock an iphone 5 so i can put a sim card in it?

I tried but it would not work

by sigonasr Last post 15:55 29/07/2016 820 2

can i unlock iphone 5s with windows computer

my iphone 5s been lock for 2 months can i unlock it with a windowa computer

by genxerator Last post 15:31 26/07/2016 788 2

UK IPhone 5s unlocked use in USA

I have a SIM free unlocked IPhone 5s bought in the Apple store in London Can I use it with a T mobile sim in the US?

by rex Last post 21:56 25/07/2016 708 6

how to unlock my iphone 4 without loosing my information and videos

How do I unlock my iphone4 without loosing my information and pictures and videos?

by elee Last post 14:17 22/07/2016 632 2

Hello my iPhone 4 sim please unlock imei 012751002594681

my iPhone 4 is sim lock please unlock imei ************

by Last post 14:57 20/07/2016 692 2

tell me how to unlock my iPhone 6?

Добрый день! скажите мне как разблокировать iPhone 6? мошенники вошли на моем телефоне под новым идентификатором Apple и теперь...

by intelliwave Last post 19:56 13/07/2016 764 2

How to unlock iphone 4s locked to Softbank Japan?

Hi guys I have iphone 4s(ios 9 1) 64gb from Japan I want it to be factory unlocked here in Philippines Please help me find a...

by nandini Last post 15:04 12/07/2016 910 3