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Sir, i want to know how to unlock iphone 6s plus . service: AT

Sir i want to know how to unlock iphone 6s plus service: AT&T UK Mobile

by url Last post 17:49 11/07/2016 654 2

How do I unlock my old iphone 5S so I can give it to my daughter who lives in Europe?

How do I unlock my iphone 5S so I can give it to my daughter who lives in Europe? I have permission to unlock the phone from...

by newsguy Last post 21:23 05/07/2016 830 2

could you helpme please to unlock the simlock at my 3gs

it dosent fits with iTunes it says already is no sim inside!!!??? could you help me please to unlock the simlock???

by loum Last post 14:34 01/07/2016 784 9

Unlocking Iphone 5s

Help me to unlock my iphone 5s bought in Qatar Doha to use in India

by yoninh Last post 19:48 30/06/2016 750 2

cannot be used to unlock this iPhone.

cannot be used to unlock this iPhone

by buddhagraifx Last post 14:21 28/06/2016 882 3

iPhone appears to be Network locked.

Hi all i wasn't sure where to go with this but here seemed a good place to start I have an iPhone 6 that i bought from the UK...

by johncr Last post 18:56 22/06/2016 701 3

Unlock iphone 5s

Hello Dear My brother gifted me iPhone 5s from Jeddah & I am living in India when i insert sim card it shown the sim card...

by earlpearl Last post 21:14 20/06/2016 834 3

can apple unlock tmobile iphone 5c

can apple unlock tmobile iphone 5c

by elmejor Last post 20:09 16/06/2016 737 2

how to unlock iphone 6s without using itunes

I read that in order to unlock the Iphone 6 6S generation you need to connect the phone to Itune So if you bought it from Apple...

by marcovolpe Last post 19:18 14/06/2016 1100 3

My 64 gb 6s plus has run out of space

It seem like overnight my phone has less that 6gb left on its 64gb of space Music is at 15 9 I have no pics or video Very...

by dragondesigns Last post 10:14 12/06/2016 746 2

how to unlock iphone 4

Dear Siri buy new iphone 4 from japan when i use insert sim in nepal iphone said sim not valid how to unlock this phone

by maniac_dk Last post 19:37 10/06/2016 806 2

iPad Air 2 or iPad mini 4 for a college student to spend his free time with?

I am a college student who already has a laptop to take care of his college homework and more Now I am looking for an...

by sovereign6 Last post 05:31 10/06/2016 771 2

Raise complaint for discrimination against customer with disability

HHard to locate area to raise a complaint to address discrimination

by eli Last post 08:09 09/06/2016 887 3

Best Method to Transfer Movies from FCP on iMac to iPad

I am using Final Cut Pro X on an iMac (mid 2011) OS X 10 11 5 and I want to transfer videos made with FCP to an iPac iOS Ver 9...

by sim64 Last post 08:06 09/06/2016 838 3

I can't get face time is anyone else having trouble.

I can't get face time saying can't connect to server error

by Last post 08:03 09/06/2016 1282 2

There is no cellular option on general settings on my Ipad

I had a cellular button on my settings list but now its gone My IPad does have cellular access HELP!!

by goyami Last post 06:42 09/06/2016 1017 1

Old apple ID when trying to update Apps

I am trying to update my apps I have over 100 to update When I try and do it my old hotmail ID pops up How can I fix it so my...

by m_jones Last post 06:33 09/06/2016 892 3

How to validate if the iPhone is unlocked (after following the above steps, and not having another carrier SIM)?

I have unlocked my iPhone from AT&T Went through their website and did the steps and got a confirmation Post that did the steps...

by design1 Last post 06:27 09/06/2016 958 7

Apple id already in use

I have recently set up a new email address however my phone keeps telling me that my email address is already associated with...

by stukindaguy Last post 06:24 09/06/2016 1317 1

How to transfer photo album to PC or blank CD?

I need to transfer exceeding photo album from my iPhone to PC or blank CD to have more room in the storage I have done a few...

by clicksor Last post 06:21 09/06/2016 932 1