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mail error message on exchange

Have a client with an iPhone 6 who left their job recently (6 weeks ago) She has an iPhone 6 Keeps getting an error message...

by mawk Last post 06:18 09/06/2016 688 7

Need to find fix for speaker sound problem after IOS 9.3.2 update on iPhone 6s

My wife & I just updated our iPhones (hers is a 6s mine is a 6s+) to IOS 9 3 2 Mine works fine but hers has no speaker sound...

by dmilford Last post 06:15 09/06/2016 497 2

iPad 4 wont go into recovery mode.

I haven't used my iPad 4 (don't know what iOS it is on) in quite a while and couldn't remember my passcode after trying several...

by gcsl_webpositioner Last post 05:39 09/06/2016 708 1

iPhone apps on iPad with iOS 9: White camera roll thumbnails

Hello folks when using iPhone apps on iPad with the latest iOS 9 the camera roll only shows white thumbnails No matter if zoom...

by gieckboy Last post 05:36 09/06/2016 513 2

screen instability


by dieselrecords Last post 05:33 09/06/2016 677 1

iPhone 4S Error 29

yesterday I updated my iPhone 4S from 9 3 1 to 9 3 2 on Wifi It downloaded fine and once it finished installing It was going...

by janetmorn Last post 05:21 09/06/2016 752 1

News app iPhone shows news from other sources

II've already edited the news sources I like but sadly when I see my feed when swiping left it shows me news stories from...

by grifter Last post 05:15 09/06/2016 498 1

Can't restore iphone6 from backup - not enough storage

Hi all I've lost some messages on my iPhone somehow and am trying to restore from back up which I did a week ago and encrypted...

by ark Last post 05:12 09/06/2016 678 5

How to keep wifi awake while on sleep mode

Problem is that Whenever I want to Dowenlode some large file on my iphone after 30 60 min my phone's wifi...

by vauge Last post 05:09 09/06/2016 637 1

Latest IOS download and now no wireless and 3G terribly slow

II've downloaded and updated with the latest IOS and my wireless is now not working I've rebooted wireless seevuce tried other...

by ady Last post 05:03 09/06/2016 463 1

My iphone is charged 100% but when i stop charge it , my iphone is off

Problem about charging

by shinetech Last post 04:51 09/06/2016 435 1

iphone 5c randomly turning off after 9.3.2 update

I recently upgraded my iphone 5c firmware to 9 3 2 It took 4 different trys before the update was successful Now my phone...

by cgimaster Last post 04:48 09/06/2016 454 1

iPhone 6S Plus blurry photos

HI everyone My husband has an iPhone 6s and I have an IPhone 6S Plus and we are both really disappointed with the camera...

by seo_sensey Last post 04:42 09/06/2016 614 8

Update to iOS 9.3.2 never starts

I just bought an iPhone 6s and noticed there's an iOS update available I'm currently using 9 2 1 (13D15) and the version...

by alex Last post 04:39 09/06/2016 677 2

Maps: position on route not updating (iOS 9.3.2), map trouble

Yesterday I ran into two (originally deemed three) issues with Maps on my iPhone 6 and Apple Watch They might be related 1) I...

by stillgreen Last post 04:36 09/06/2016 526 1


i heard a lot of people that their iphone is with a warmer color and is yellow tinted week ago I got a 64Gb white iPhone 4s and...

by windsilver Last post 04:33 09/06/2016 449 1

Why can't I choose the aspect ratio when shooting pictures?

As the topic suggests why can't I choose myself what aspect ratio should be used when shooting pictures using my iPhone 6s? All...

by craig Last post 04:27 09/06/2016 575 3

Hi, guy, cannot open iphone 6 plus, and cannot remember Apple ID, can Apple store repair it?

hi guys dad cannot open his Iphone6 after charged in car and dad cannot remember his apple ID and password Apple store in CHINA...

by frankc Last post 04:24 09/06/2016 459 7

Stripes are shown in the camera

I am using iPhone 6 64G with iOS 9 3 2 When I run the Camera application I can see the several stripes like below Does anyone...

by david261 Last post 03:54 09/06/2016 541 1

iphone screen is coming out, may be due to battery distorting in shape

iphone screen is coming out may be due to battery distorting in shape

by mzebs Last post 03:51 09/06/2016 482 3