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transfer multiple photos from whatsapp by airdrop

I have 800 photos in a whatsapp chat I would like to remove them from the chat to my mac where I can then see / delete as I...

by booster Last post 03:45 09/06/2016 775 1


I've had my iPhone 6 plus since christmas 2015 Last night my phone died and did the regular symbol showing that it needs to be...

by sudhani Last post 03:36 09/06/2016 779 1

ios 9 weak wifi signal

The wifi on my iphone 6 has been very weak since the recent ios 9 updates When I'm in the same room as the router I have signal...

by kewler Last post 03:33 09/06/2016 725 3

Why on my iPhone 6 i get a black colored keyboard in Home Screen after unlocking?

Why on my iPhone 6 i get a black colored keyboard in Home Screen after unlocking?i tried it many time and i can't minimize it...

by bobsc Last post 03:30 09/06/2016 654 1

Ipad apps unable to update

Hi For the past couple of weeks I've had 23 updates to apps I've unable to update I select 'update' and the spinning circle...

by rainborick Last post 03:15 09/06/2016 1141 5

iPad mini won't accept apple id for activation after dfu restore

My son disabled his iPad mini after several failed attempts to figure out the passcode I set up I was finally able to what I...

by velveeta Last post 03:12 09/06/2016 926 1

Is there anyway to auto arrange icons?

I went a little crazy with downloadingg apps and need to delete a lot Is there any way of arranging what ins left automatically...

by deano6410 Last post 03:09 09/06/2016 1287 13

LCD Screen Cracked

After my husband only having his iPhone 6 for 5 days after making a call (not dropping or doing ANY damage to it whatsoever)...

by adz Last post 03:06 09/06/2016 731 1

i forgot my security question & its answers. i don't have reset e-mail address also. pls help.

i forgot my security question & its answers i don't have reset e mail address also pls help

by ibuy_domains Last post 03:03 09/06/2016 1083 4

iPhone 6S volume during calls

Hello I just received the iphone 6s and having issues with the sound of a call being so low to the point that I cannot hear the...

by firkin Last post 03:00 09/06/2016 877 7

iPhone 6s does not accept passcode

iPhone does not accept passcode even though it’s a correct one for sure Yes I'm positive that the passcode in a correct...

by akalex Last post 02:57 09/06/2016 1231 2

Home screen issues

My home screen has recently displaying time signal battery life etc Any tips on getting this back?

by percept Last post 02:54 09/06/2016 923 4

Notes app disappeared

My Notes app disappeared on iPhone 6S I can access it by swiping left ( appears under Siri Suggestions) How can I restore it to...

by gcsl_webpositioner Last post 02:51 09/06/2016 725 3

iphone5 details thru carrier

hi good day could u pls help me to check my iphone5 full details its carrier sim starus etc EMEI: 013428009075332 thank you

by august Last post 02:48 09/06/2016 693 1

how can i add whatsapp to airdrop?

how can i add whatsapp to airdrop?

by icecash Last post 02:45 09/06/2016 762 2

Calendar doesn't update from iCloud

When I add events to my iPhone calendar they don't appear on my iPad calendar but they do appear on my iMac calendar

by larysmith711 Last post 02:30 09/06/2016 1068 1

Mail app does not load after ios 9.3.2 upgrade

after upgrading to 9 3 2 my mail app refuses to load It will open briefly and then close by itself How can I resolve this?

by mddv Last post 02:27 09/06/2016 893 5

How to get repair in China if bought in USA

Hi I am traveling out to China for couple of months I have my iPad pro with me so I am asking if I meet some situation on my...

by seowonk Last post 02:24 09/06/2016 737 1

My iPad2 Mail application starts, shows blank screen with header, then crashes and closes

My iPad2 mail app crashes after start up and then closes This started happening after trying to respond to an e mail with...

by nybanker Last post 02:21 09/06/2016 1071 14

How to connect to internet without wifi or bluetooth

The wifi option in my Ipad Air (first generation) got permanently disabled (greyed out) and I can't turn the Bluetooth on as...

by Last post 02:18 09/06/2016 867 10