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My Voice Memos does not work!!!

please help!What is the problem with my app Voice Memos? It is not working! i can open it but can do nothing afterthat Can not...

by olwen Last post 02:15 09/06/2016 858 1

iPhone says searching & no service

Please help my phone is either saying Searching or No service in top left corner What can I do to fix it or get it fixed???

by monolith_2003 Last post 02:09 09/06/2016 1242 1

iPhone won't restore

I'm currently upgraded all the way up to ios 9 3 2 I have tried to restore my phone from Itunes and after trying it my phone...

by fugpup Last post 02:06 09/06/2016 992 3

Really bad battery on ios 9.3.X

I have a really huge battery drain on ios 9 3 and older I wrote to Apple but they just tell that it is hardware problem I...

by rainborick Last post 02:03 09/06/2016 704 2

I have iphone 4s and my when i open camera it is not displaying it

Camera problem

by zoza6969 Last post 02:00 09/06/2016 607 1

Want to Sync a iphone with 2 laptops (itunes) with same Account ID

Hello I am very new to this forum before writing i googled my query but didnt get exact answer of my problem May be my answer...

by elong Last post 01:57 09/06/2016 646 1

Problem with audio during calls

There's no audio during calls placed by carrier But when placed by whatsapp it works I checked if the problem lies in the sim...

by nandini Last post 01:54 09/06/2016 793 1


Hello I have not been able to enable my Touch ID feature on my phone for a while now I have updated the phone to the latest...

by darqshadow Last post 01:51 09/06/2016 803 3

Is it possible to having a brand new iPhone 6s with stains on the screen changed?

Hello I bought an iPhone 6s a few days ago from Finland via a wireless operator (Elisa) Right after removing the screen...

by ronnie34 Last post 01:48 09/06/2016 669 2

my i phone 5s going to slient mode and coming back to normal automatically for lot of time in day i am facing these issued since 30 days

my i phone 5s going to slient mode and coming back to normal automatically for lot of time in day i am facing these issued...

by knowledge Last post 01:45 09/06/2016 637 1

Does the problems in iOS 9.3.2 only affect the iPad Pro?

I have a first generation iPad mini Does the iOS 9 3 2 problems affect the iPad Pro only or other devices?

by firefoxpat Last post 01:03 09/06/2016 816 2

ipad air battery me to bring my photos back

my ipad air wont charge and wont turn on i tried every ways I found trough internet i know they have a battery replacement...

by seksaini Last post 01:00 09/06/2016 723 1

iPad will not update/download any apps or update iOS

I am using an iPad Air 128 gb A couple weeks ago I opened it up to discover 80+ pending app updates It seems it won't update...

by tooley Last post 00:57 09/06/2016 919 5


I forgot my second Apple ID and even associated email to that ID What to do?

by bywater Last post 00:54 09/06/2016 785 3

battery problems.

i discovered my phone battery to charge tremendously fast within 5min my battery increases to 66% from 39% any solutions to it...

by onspec Last post 00:51 09/06/2016 800 4

my iphone 6 is stuck on the apple symbol after a quick reset. can't do anything.

My Iphone 6+ is stuck on the picture of the apple after a quick reset I can't power down It won't do anything This is a new...

by creativeamy Last post 00:48 09/06/2016 861 1

My iPhone 6 bent and now it doesn't work properly. Will Apple replace it without apple care?

Bent iPhone 6 Texting wifi and phone connections are intermittent Will Apple replace?

by photo_shooter Last post 00:45 09/06/2016 1106 9

Why is there no way to start iPhone backup from scratch and reset password?

Hi I understand and am grateful for all the security available on apple products Yet I do not understand the restriction on the...

by ashbuckler Last post 00:39 09/06/2016 600 8

Security questions and answers

Hi everybod I'm unable to change my password because I forgot the security answer There is no Reset Button How do you change...

by cobaltlady Last post 00:24 09/06/2016 696 2

My iPhone battery drains

IIt's from Canada I not having warranty can I replace with Apple genuine battery

by jon12345 Last post 00:21 09/06/2016 753 1