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Tracks on multiple artist album saving as multiple albums

Apon syncing my new IPhone 4 with my laptop many of my albums (only albums with different artists) are saving as multiple...

by Last post 00:18 09/06/2016 626 5

iPhone 6 plus searching for cellular after 9.3.2 upgrade

After upgrading to 9 3 2 my iPhone 6 plus had no service indicated for my cellular connection with AT&T Toggled airplane mode...

by suzii4 Last post 00:12 09/06/2016 686 3

Latest update 9.3.2 has bricked my phone!!!

The latest update 9 3 2 has bricked my phone I get a message to plug it into iTunes; however iTunes doesn't see it and hasn't...

by jeff Last post 00:09 09/06/2016 746 2

How do I transfer a bunch a photos from my iphone 6 to shutterfly?

How do I transfer a bunch of photos from my iphone 6 to shutterfly?

by lucidnet Last post 00:06 09/06/2016 824 1

I can not share photos/anything else using Airdrop between iPhone 6s and MacBook Air

I can not use Airdrop between my iPhone 6S and MacBook Air Tried several below mentioned options Software Versions iPhone 6S...

by janeth Last post 00:03 09/06/2016 753 3

iPhone 6s Plus goes into like a sleep mode when just sitting not being.

iPhone 6s Plus goes into like a sleep mode when just sitting not being used I won't get message notifications everything delays...

by jons5150 Last post 00:00 09/06/2016 616 2

Is 9.3.2 eating up your iPhone storage space?

There was an issue in iOS on iPhones that was well documented on the web I thought it was fixed a few years ago but it appears...

by vermillien Last post 23:57 08/06/2016 598 4

restored iphone 6s and lost new photos

wanted to upload new photos but restored iPhone to previous time and lost new photos Is there a way to recover the new photos?

by eightpoint Last post 23:54 08/06/2016 691 1

not notified to update ios

Hi Why am I not getting prompted to update my software the number 1 doesn't appear on the general section What should I do ? I...

by ent100 Last post 23:51 08/06/2016 710 2

Yesterday hacker change my backup file and passcode !

dear apple inc yesterday nightmare happen to me and I lose all my pictures and some contacts not saved or baked up and hacker...

by kavakava Last post 23:48 08/06/2016 787 1

Can I orally unlock my phone with Siri?

I am sometimes jogging and want to hear music I ask Siri to shuffle my music but then she says my phone is unlocked I would...

by tbohen Last post 23:45 08/06/2016 669 4

My iPhone 4s screen won't turn on. What should I do?

I dropped my iPhone 4s (in the case) and now the screen won't turn on It will vibrate when I receive texts and calls but the...

by bbrunton Last post 23:39 08/06/2016 1104 2

my apple id is disabled, cant download or update apps. how do i fix this

my apple id is disabled i cant download or update apps how do i fix this?

by esmint Last post 23:33 08/06/2016 792 1

iPad 2 to computer screen or hd tv

I am viewing movies on my iPad 2 Is there a way to stream to my iMac screen or hd tv? Thanks for any helpGrawingirl

by bopbroadband Last post 23:30 08/06/2016 834 7

save my resume in pdf and then upload into an online application

IPAD 3 G frankly I am DISGUSTED with the LACK of productivity available on the IPAD i bought "THE BEST" so that I wouldn't be...

by hotels Last post 23:27 08/06/2016 726 10

Apple Pay with ipad?

Can't find wallet app on my ipad Air 2i entered card thru settings HOw do I use it with no wallet app?

by alexkitch Last post 23:24 08/06/2016 672 2

Why would an event entered on one iPad not be shared the other devices on the network?

We have an iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 2 a 2010 MacBook Pro and an early 2009 iMac set to share contacts Safari mail and calendars...

by iceblue Last post 23:21 08/06/2016 582 1

Bought new iPad and not everything transferred over, how sync them again?

bOught new iPad and not everything transferred over how to sync them again?

by googlemaster Last post 23:18 08/06/2016 588 1

Apple branded battery case & iMagnet - Good or Bad Idea?

iMagnet is a magnetic windshield/dashboard cell phone mount for your car I currently use it with my non Apple non battery...

by xzibit Last post 23:15 08/06/2016 1037 1

Unable to connect to uconnect or Bluetooth iOS 8

I have an iPhone 6+ & drive a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee I too am having issues connecting & have tried every 'reset' with no...

by fiftybyfifty Last post 23:12 08/06/2016 910 6