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iPad for Kids in car

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Hi all,

Ist there any way to control one or two iPads from an iPhone?

While driving with the family my kids are playing on the tablets in the second row, I will have the possibility to control the ipads so I can for example start a movie for them.

Also is there a App in which I can hide for example the app store or the settings. I will give them control to only a few kids games and movies. I saw some android tablets for Kids, but so far nothing for an Apple iPad.

Thanks in advance

Asked: 11:06 03/04/2016
ajcrockett 11:06 03/04/2016
You could try one of these 4948U/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1391729056&…
kereta7 11:06 03/04/2016
Hi ajcrockett,

Thanks for your quick feedback. This is good, but will try to avoid to buy any additional hardware. I have already in the car a old iPhone as tracking device and WiFi access point, a WiFi External storgae drive and two tablets.

Is there any software solution?
ajcrockett 11:06 03/04/2016

The remote I linked uses Bluetooth, not WIfi, so no internet or Wifi connection is needed.

There are no iOS remote apps that can completely control an iOS device from another iOS device.

There are iOS apps to remote control TVs and your computer, but nothing for complete control of an iDevice from another iDevice.

I do not know why, after all this time, none exist, but there are no software remotes of this type.

The solution I sent to you IS the ONLY solution for fully controlling an iDevice out there on the market.

iPad for Kids in car

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