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ipad is not charging

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I pad is not charging after the newest update.
Asked: 08:48 18/04/2016
paulf1 08:48 18/04/2016
What is latest update? Recently we've had 9.3 and 9.3.1, with 9.3.1 being the newest (out today)

Basic not charging troubleshooting:

General troubleshooting (things you may have already tried)

Swap out the cable

Swap out the charger

Try a different outlet

Are you using an iPad charger and not an iPhone charger? They look similar but the iPhone charger puts out half the power of the iPad charger so it will say not charging even though it is getting a trickle charge.

Are you charging plugged into the wall? I know the specs might say it can charge from a USB port, but most ports out there don't put out enough power so an iPad is best charged plugged into the wall with its provided charging block.

If you have a charging block that comes apart (they are often made so that you can swap out the plug part to accommodate world wide variances in outlets) pull it apart and put it back together to make sure there's a good connection.

Give your iPad a reset. Hold down the sleep and home keys for about 20 seconds. When you see the silver apple, let go and let it reboot and see if that helps.

Look in the charging port and make sure there's no dirt or lint. As silly as it sounds, a piece of lint can impede the charging process.

If you go through all that and you still can't charge then it's time to make an appointment at your local apple store and have them check it out. It could be a battery issue, it could be a port issue. But it's possibly beyond a user fix.
thefocused 08:48 18/04/2016
I have had that same problem with my iPad air since I updated to 9.3 + the 2 additional updates- (see earlier posts). Did all of the trouble shooting steps given in paulf1 response plus DFU, hard reset, soft reset etc. My iPad air will not show charging with the cable plugged in nor will iTunes recognize the iPad.

However my iPad is charging, but at a maintenance level. It will charge up to 100% over night sometime longer depending how much original charge had, if I connect it, then turn it off & leave it. The key is to connect it to the charger then turn off, if you turn off then connect to charger, it powers on again & the charge rate is not enough to power it & charge. I have been seeing more & more reports of people having this problem, though not as many as with the other problems.

Somehow 9,3 screwed with the charging circuit config files/memory.

ipad is not charging

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