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iPad Pro w/Split View + Games - OK?

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Thinking of buying the new iPad Pro 12". One of the key reasons is split view (multiple app windows at once).

Although I have many reasons, one is that I'd love to run a game on one half and have a movie going in the other half. For example, watch a movie with iTunes or VLC, and then play Panzer Corps (a graphical game) at the same time. Using PanzerCorps as an example but of course there are many others.

Is this possible in iOS? Or would the game designer have to write code to specifically enable Split View, in which case it'd be app-by-app. The games are "full screen" on an iPad Air.

All of the screen shots I've seen tend to be "Safari in one window, iMessage in the other" which isn't exactly what I'm looking for.

Asked: 03:21 12/04/2016
greety 03:21 12/04/2016
You would have to check with the app/game & app developer for compatibility. It's on an "app-by-app" basis as you say.

I would say that games would be severely limited in running in Split View as the aspect ration of the window changes when using it. Game are usually coded to run in a fixed pixel aspect ratio, sometimes in both portrait -or- landscape mode.
jimmy 03:21 12/04/2016
Gotcha. Is picture-in-picture (the "floating" video) universal? Or is that app-by-app as well?
greety 03:21 12/04/2016
It does work with the Videos App (built-in iOS app) but other than that, I don't believe it's "universal" either but rather "app-by-app". The reason being is that I am running a quite old version (10.7.11524) of YouTube that does NOT work with picture in picture. I believe the PIP functionality was added in a newer version of the YouTube app.

iPad Pro w/Split View + Games - OK?

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