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Ipad stuck in recovery mode 'waiting for ipad' when recovering

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My question is exactly the same as this one: 106546/

Heres the copied text:

My Wife's iPad 2 hasn't been used it in over a year, and the battery ran down. I charged it up last night and turned it on. Nothing appeared to happen. No apple logo, nothing. On a hunch I plugged it into my computer, and sure enough iTunes popped up and said the iPad is in DFU mode and needs to be restored.

I don't remember what version of iOS it had, but iTunes wanted to install iOS 7.whatever. I said ok. It downloaded and started extracting. After a while iTunes said waiting on the iPad. The computer made a few connect and disconnect sounds. The screen on the iPad stayed totally blank. Then the apple icon popped up with a grey progress bar. The bar never starts to fill with white. I left it for a few hours and came back. Still no progress.

I made sure iTunes was up to date and restarted with a different usb port and cable. No luck.

So I tried it on my Wife's computer. No luck there either. Same thing, DFU mode, extract iOS 7, apple icon with bar, but the progress bar never starts.

I am going to leave it overnight and tomorrow during work, but I don't have high hopes.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Instead of not using it a year i havent used it for 3 months and was trying to recover this week. Other things are all the same, ipad 2, with IOS 8 on it. Does anyone have a solution? I have tried alot of things

Thanks in advance
Asked: 23:39 24/04/2016
fluke 23:39 24/04/2016
realryan 23:39 24/04/2016
IF your device is stuck in recover mode try this:

I had the same problem, the following worked for me:

Sorry to hear it has been a headache. I would like to share how I solved not having the iPad stalled in recovery mode with latest version of iTunes. I remember having read in an article of upgrading to iOS9.0.1 through a previous version of iTunes. So, I have two laptops. One a mini with windows 7 with latest iTunes version installed in which the Ipad mini had stalled in recovery mode, and 2nd one with Windows Xp with the immediate previous version of iTunes ( Jun/15 ver 12.1.?.27), and disabled antivirus. On my iPad, I disabled "find mi phone (iPad)", and disabled the lock code as well. Earlier, I had downloaded the latest release of iOS 9.0.1 ipsw restore file. So last night it ocurred to me try working on the WinXp instead, and the previous version of iTunes . So I copied the latest release version ipsw restore file on to it, clicked on iTunes, connected the iPad mini to the laptop, waited for the icon of the iPad to appear, clicked on it, and pressed down shift key + clicked on restore to restore button to start the restore. On the iPad mini's screen the iTunes icon and cable connect images appeared, and restored from ipsw file smoothly. Some restore process, going back and forth I might say! After it finished, and the "Hello" screen popped up in the iPad mini, I got an alert message asking to switch to the latest version of iTunes because is would not recognize it. So, I connected the iPad mini to the mini laptop once iTunes openned, recognized it, and chosed to restore from the back up file, instead of as a new iPad. It worked fine! Nevetheless, this last stage took about 3 to 4 hours or so since lots of applications, data, contacts, photos, ebooks and the likes had to be loaded back. No problem at all. Today, after work, I will browse, open applications to learn what does work and what does not.
fluke 23:39 24/04/2016
Thanks for the response

The first link you provided didn't help me because the 'restart' button wont appear, instead of that it tells me to hold down power+home for 15 seconds to return to normal mode but it doesnt work because my ipad is basically dead and will only turn on when itunes tries to restore it and gets stuck etc.

The second thing you said i tried it on my windows xp laptop but with no success, i tried 2 different versions of itunes (11.1.5 or something and

Guess i'll just have to bring it to a apple store?
mthomas 23:39 24/04/2016
Enter DFU Mode
(Not Restore Mode) and use the latest version of iTunes. Had the same issue on my iPad Air 1 today. The Apple Mobile Device Driver had to be automatically downloaded and installed three separate times during the restore & update sequence screenshot: ot%202015-10-15%2010.13.10.png
fluke 23:39 24/04/2016
Thanks for your response,

The problem is that the ipad is stuck in recovery mode, it cant get out of it in any way. The screen is just black all the time no matter what i do and it only lights up when i try to restore it (but then the bar doesnt fill up as i said before). I tried alot of things.
laszlo 23:39 24/04/2016

If is not been used for a long time i think the battery will be dead

Make an Appointment at Apple store .

To see if worth the cost of battery replacement .

Or would you be better upgrading ?


Brian ( UK )
ikkiphenix 23:39 24/04/2016
HI josh did you find any way to fix it or it was the battery the problem

Ipad stuck in recovery mode 'waiting for ipad' when recovering

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