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Iphone 6 Recovery with Shatt.r.d. Screen

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A shattered screen without any noticeable input when touched. The display screen that once was, now smithereens.


I've tried connecting the iphone 6 (latest iOS) into my MBA, and basically, it is impossible to go the normal way through iTunes when iTunes must be trusted by the device first.

Is there anyway to bypass the codes.. or an app that can emulate the phone screen..? Do we have those?

Or is that why APPLE and FBI are at it in court? Same Issue?

Are all of my photos lost?
Asked: 18:54 27/04/2016
ptrmk 18:54 27/04/2016
Hi, have you got a PC near by that you might have plugged your iphone into and hit "Trust" in the past? if so you would be able to plug and play.

Do you have iCloud? if so your iPhone would do an automatic upload of your data anytime you connect to wifi.

You could also try a hard reset and see if its just enough to allow you to press "trust" on it to back up your info.
jsiddons 18:54 27/04/2016
Apple does not do data recovery - so if you do not have a backup, you may end up losing data by taking you iPhone to Apple
A reputable independent repair service can replace your iPhone display with a qualitypart. Finding a reputable repairer will be up to you - ask your friends, check online reviews(may not be true), ask any you find their business 'history' (longevity in business) and, most importantly, how they guarantee their work and for how long.

caveat emptor (Latin, look it up)for BOTH independent and Apple, for different reasons - be sure and TALK with Apple or independent about their policies and plan for your iPhone repair

Iphone 6 Recovery with Shatt.r.d. Screen

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