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iPhone apps on iPad with iOS 9: White camera roll thumbnails

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Hello folks,

when using iPhone apps on iPad with the latest iOS 9 the camera roll only shows white thumbnails.

No matter if zoom level 1x or 2x - as example a screenshot from the Tinder app but it applies for a bunch of native iPhone apps which try to use the iPad's camera roll.

Is there a workaround to fix this? iOS bug? Restart of tablet didn't help.

Cheers, Argentinos

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Asked: 12:36 09/06/2016
mwmoriarty 12:36 09/06/2016
Thank you, mwmoriarty.

After further research on the forums it seems this is a bug. Other people report this behaviour starting with iOS 9.3.x in multiple threads like:

• photo picker blank

• When opening an app on my ipad air 2, IOS 9.3.2, that requires a photo upload the camera roll displays as a blank grid within the app.

• Re: Photo not displayed in apps since iOS 9.3.1
gieckboy 12:36 09/06/2016
If a Reset didn't work, try a Restore from (encrypted) backup on iTunes.

Restore your device from an iCloud or iTunes backup - Apple Support

The the next step would be to restore as new.

iPhone apps on iPad with iOS 9: White camera roll thumbnails

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