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iPhone doesn't charge

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I have an iPhone 4, last sunday I was checking some websites and the mobile got ultra hot and the battery went down very quickly. Before the battery ends up I plugged it.

After a while I realized that it wasn't charging.

I tried in different sockets with different plugs/cables (all of them original) even through USB. Nothing. The iPhone recognized it was plugged and the part around the camera get hot.

I changed the battery with other from a different iPhone4 and the mobile restart with no problems but it still doesn't get charge.

I restored the OS. Nothing.

Do you have any idea?

Thanks a lot.
Asked: 10:00 25/04/2016
onauc 10:00 25/04/2016
You must have done something wrong when you changed the battery yourself.

But, since, according to Apple, users are not supposed to do that, only a 3rd party repair shop can help you now.

Apple will not service the phone anymore or offer you to replace it with a refurbished device by paying the Out-of-Warranty Service fee of $149.

Getting the battery replaced by Apple would have costed you $79, warranty on the repair included.
fluke 10:00 25/04/2016
I didn't explain myself properly.

The mobile didn't charge before I changed the battery.

In fact, I changed the battery because I thought it was dead.
onauc 10:00 25/04/2016
Sorry for the misunderstanding, but I'm afraid the result will remain the same, you'll have to get the phone checked by a 3rd party repair shop.
fluke 10:00 25/04/2016
Btw, the weird thing is, the mobile detect the cable plugged but it doesn't get any charge, I guess it could be any solution by software that I can do on my own, because 79$ for an iPhone4 reparation is too much.
onauc 10:00 25/04/2016
Did you already check other forums that specialized on DIY repair?
fluke 10:00 25/04/2016
I took a look on google but all reparations are in order to clean the connections or change the sockets/plugs/cables...

I'll check the web you suggested.

Thanks a lot
onauc 10:00 25/04/2016
You're welcome, Best of Luck

iPhone doesn't charge

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