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Iphone SE MEID Not Recognized on Virgin Mobile

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Is it Possible to Activate Iphone SE Under Virgin Mobile?? i called Virgin Mobile and they told me they didn't recognize the MEID number for the Phone, said to get an unlocked sprint phone and use that but all the phones are all sold out. i did read online of similar problems and all they had to do was add the meid number to the network which would take 24 hours. they suggested i buy another phone or wait till they have them in stock (which they don't even know when they'll have them).
Asked: 08:00 30/04/2016
madspeed 08:00 30/04/2016
What is your question? VM gave you an answer already. You won't find a different one here.
fluke 08:00 30/04/2016
i guess im waiting on an answer i want to hear then. i don't understand why they couldn't activate the phone, the phone was unlocked and i had the proper sim card. i don't understand why the operator couldn't do it.
luchino 08:00 30/04/2016
Virgin Mobile is an MVNO that has some very restrictive conditions for activating devices on their network. Unfortunately, you are going to have to comply with their wishes if you want to activate a phone on their network. This is especially difficult when it comes to new devices, unless you purchase the device directly from them.
fluke 08:00 30/04/2016
awe well that poops.
luchino 08:00 30/04/2016
Unfortunately, this is one of those things that happens with carriers that are trying to save you money on the cost of a plan, but it can restrict what phones you use.

Iphone SE MEID Not Recognized on Virgin Mobile

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