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iPhone6 ios9.3 update errorcode 1

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I have a iPhone6 64GB.

2 weeks ago when i updated ios 9.3 using iTunes in macbook. The installation was complete with errorcode 3. After searching so many threads, i tried again installing iTunes in my Windows 7 pc. This time also the installation complete with error code 1. My understanding is that this code means hardware problem.

Last week i made a appointment with Genius Bar in Amsterdam and the Technical consultant told that this is a motherboard problem. Because the iPhone is in its second year, he advised me to go the retailer (Amac) to claim the consumer warranty.

Amac says now that i have no-warranty because i have a screen damage whereas the Apple Genius bar has written a report that its a motherboard problem. Amac is coming up with cost estimation of 504 and with escalation they reduced 125 (speed service cost) to 379.

I am feeling like a trapped mouse. Any suggestion !!

Asked: 02:24 26/04/2016
frank71 02:24 26/04/2016
I don't know how the law seems it there when it comes to the 'consumer warranty, but as far as an Apple warranty would be concerned (and I'm guessing the same applies), the physical damage to the phone (screen damage) voids any warranty. there is no way to prove that the problem was not caused by the physical damage done to the phone.

Pay for an out of warranty replacement from Apple or buy a new phone.

iPhone6 ios9.3 update errorcode 1

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