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iPhoto won't import photos from iPhone

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So basically I have been stuck for the last two hours.

Connected my iPhone 6 to my MacBook Pro using the USB cable as always, and opened iPhoto to transfer my photos and videos. Got a notification saying that there were no new images to import, yet I have 400 new photos and videos I need to get rid of to clear up space on my device. I tried using my iMac and got the same message. I then tried my brothers MacBook Air, and even my parents Windows computer + my school computer, a crappy Lenovo, but I kept getting the same message that there were no images to show!

I tried downloading some apps to transfer them but nothing worked.

I have restarted both my mac and my phone several times and tried to connect and disconnect, restart iPhoto several times etc. but I keep on getting the same, frustrating message!! However when I sent some of my photos on facebook messenger a few of them appeared, so I have been able to transfer maybe 10 or 15 photos, but not any videos and I haven't been able to transfer any more photos this way..

I really have no idea what to do next, iPhoto has never been this messed up. Yet since I get the same message on several computers I'm guessing the phone is the problem. Does anyone know what to do?? I'm leaving for Canada tomorrow and I really wanna free up some space for more music etc. for the flight...
Asked: 06:42 21/05/2016
dukappa 06:42 21/05/2016
While this will not help you with the Photo importproblem - here is a workaround that you can use to archive those images for now and get them off your phone

Get a free account at one of the following

1. OneDrive 5 GB


2. Google Photos 15 GB


3. Upthere

They are all cloud based off device storage solutions - you can download an app and feed the photos into that - once the photos are uploaded - get them off your device

You then have a chance to take more pictures on your trip and figure out the import issues at a later time
digitalcamera 06:42 21/05/2016
Thanks for the advice! After trying to figure this out for almost 5 hours I have now come to the conclusion that I'm gonna give up before I break my phone out of frustration.. Better get a new (128G phone as soon as possible. I'll try downloading one of these for now though, thank you!

iPhoto won't import photos from iPhone

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