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Is Lumia 550 that bad?

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I've been reading some reviews on it and from what I understand is that it is bad.
Asked: 12:39 13/06/2016
alvinhan 12:39 13/06/2016
It's not "bad" per se, like most any phone in existence.

It's just a cheap phone. The question is probably whether you can get it for a "good" price or not.

Microsoft Lumia 550 review: Low-Five - page 9 -

I'd really stop to consider whether Windows 10 Mobile is for you though. For many people it won't be the best choice.
congpine 12:39 13/06/2016
I think it depends on what is important for you to have in a phone.

The 550 is decent, cameras are great for the area it is in (budget). I had one and I would have kept mine if the cameras weren't so bad in low light. That was my only issue with it.

Is Lumia 550 that bad?

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