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is the camera on Nexus 5x any good?

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Asked: 10:34 09/10/2015
onek02 10:34 09/10/2015
Fantastic. Bellissimo. Read my thread about the 6P camera from DxOMark.
hanpep 10:34 09/10/2015
He was asking about 5X
philr 10:34 09/10/2015
Cool, great news. Same camera.

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captainamerica 10:34 09/10/2015
The 5X has the same camera the 6P has so unless something bizarre end up happening between the two the results should be the same.

The early reports from the 6P is it's camera is the second best out of the current crop of phones. I'm actually kinda excited to see some more pictures and especially some video from these two phones.
jon 10:34 09/10/2015
They're not the same. 6P has the better sensor which will outperform the 5X despite them both being 12mp.

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is the camera on Nexus 5x any good?

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