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Issues with Android 6 upgrade

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Upgraded to Android 6 on my LG G4 just a few days ago. Here's what's changed:

1. Apps take longer to open

2. Browser takes to longer open and to load pages

3. Touchscreen becomes unresponsive. Several times the lower half of the touchscreen has become unresponsive while the upper half still functioned correctly. One time (so far) the entire screen became unresponsive. Could not even turn the phone off or reboot without taking the battery out.

I'm talking full battery charge, no new apps installed, same browser (Chrome). Is there a patch for these issues or can I go back to previous version which was working fine?
Asked: 12:12 07/03/2016
anntaj 12:12 07/03/2016
No new apps installed, but one or more of your existing apps may not be Marshmallow-compatible. Do you keep auto-update (Play Store -> Settings -> Auto-update apps) enabled?

Check the Play Store user feedback for each of your non-mainstream apps.
breakfastman 12:12 07/03/2016
I had issues too. Mostly running hot and short battery life. A clean install corrected.

Issues with Android 6 upgrade

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