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Lost contacts & sms after update

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I decided to finally update my Lumia 640XL to Windows 10 (6230.54) today. Being over optimistic (and dum I didn't use contact+message backup app and ended up with most of them missing after the update. I know that at least my text messages are uploaded on cloud, because I was able to access them by Windows Phone Message Backup app on my laptop.

I'm hesitant what should be my next step:

- hard reset?

- downgrade to window 8.1?

- wait patiently (it's been already 12h since I updated)?

Thanks for all advices!
Asked: 09:12 08/06/2016
ishophq 09:12 08/06/2016
Wait. They May appear later. Also, check if you have already signed in and synced your outlook or gmail or whatever accounts. Some contacts could have been saved there.
kaver68 09:12 08/06/2016
Update from person who asked the question.

Nothing happened over night. All messages and contacts that did synchronize did so within first 30 min after the update. Now it's over 24h...

I did remember to login to all my accounts. Also I tried to log out and in couple of times.

IS there a way to export text messages from the Windows Phone Message Backup desktop app to my phone?

Finally I noticed a horrible mess in my contacts: some profiles are duplicated, some information (e.g. name, phone, picture, email) are mismatched.

Lost contacts & sms after update

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