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Lumia 950 Prototype - What to do?

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I recently bought a Lumia 950 online (just like ebay) and unfortunately the device was a prototype ( under the screen and advertising in Configs - About) although It was described as "Original" and "bought in a a MS Store.
I wasn't able to return the device to the seller nor could I get a refund. I won't discuss the datails and I knwo I should be more careful but It's done.
Now I want to return the device to MS as It wasn't meant for sale/consumers and I simply do not know how to proceed.
A few points:
I'm from Brazil and those new Lumias are not officially supported/sold here, so, contacting my local rep was a no go.
Tried to contact MS through the web chat but unfortunately when I say I need support for Mobile Devices it redirects me to B2X (company that handles Lumia technical support now).
Tried to contact them through Twitter/Facebook and no response so far.
I'm not confortable calling them from overseas as my english is not that good
So, does anyone know how am I suppose to contact them and return them this prototype (which is propriety of MS anyway).
Thanks in advance.
Asked: 04:39 30/10/2016
whatifind 04:39 30/10/2016
contact your local official Microsoft store , they will surely help you out with this.

Lumia 950 Prototype - What to do?

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