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Lumia 950 XL Battery cycles

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Is there a way to know how many cycle shots my Lumia 950 XL has? Does WM 10 have a setting that can check the battery cycle count?
Asked: 22:18 28/08/2016
craig 22:18 28/08/2016
That's a good question and I've seen it on some phones but I don't think there's an easy way to see that on Windows 10 Mobile.
denno 22:18 28/08/2016
Is there a way to know how many cycle shots my Lumia 950 XL has? Does WM 10 have a setting that can check the battery cycle count?you can use an app such as battery by Arthur Semenov - it keeps track of how many charge discharge cycles have been done since you installed it

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Lumia 950 XL Battery cycles

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