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Lumia 950XL Front Facing Camera Quality - is yours terrible?

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i'm running the latest firmware and OS version for non-insiders in the US (T-Mobile). pretty much since day one I've felt that the ffc quality was very poor (grainy, grey, lack of detail). was curious if anyone else is experiencing this.. if it's software related or if the 5mp front facer is really just that ****ty.
Asked: 14:51 05/03/2016
jerry 14:51 05/03/2016
For me, excellent, so far the best quality compared to other phones yet.
akiwitz 14:51 05/03/2016
No complaints here, do you have a sample to show?
twinsrul 14:51 05/03/2016
Bad lighting or are you using Skype? My Skype video quality is not as good as photos for some reason. Maybe it downgrades the quality if network is slow? (Funny enough, I've only Skyped from the basement)
kay 14:51 05/03/2016
According to my friends wife that has an iPhone 5s the camera is too good on this phone, picture shows to much detail. ;-)
oggin 14:51 05/03/2016
I guess I can't post pictures from within the app yet. Thanks for the reply tho. Here's a sample of FFC vs Rear cam in the same lighting.. notice the color and detail level difference. my brother has a 950xl too with the same issue so I doubt theyre both defective
oggin 14:51 05/03/2016
here is the rear sample
akiwitz 14:51 05/03/2016
but they are not the same camera, you can't expect the same picture?
etmosfire 14:51 05/03/2016
the quality is so bad in low light conditions on my 950xl, but in normal ilumination light is good, i can see a lot of noise in low light ambient, here is a sample:

" >
qualitytime 14:51 05/03/2016
Sorry to be OT, but I like the picture. I can clearly see David Bowie
oliwood 14:51 05/03/2016
Was not expecting the same picture. I was expecting similar color reproduction and that's not the case. Thanks for your screenshot above. That corroborates what I'm getting. That could be an iso improvement in the next update.

Lumia 950XL Front Facing Camera Quality - is yours terrible?

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