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mail error message on exchange

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Have a client with an iPhone 6 who left their job recently (6 weeks ago) She has an iPhone 6. Keeps getting an error message when on the phone that she needs to log on to the exchange. She wants to be able to access the old emails to view them on on her phone (even though she can't do anything with them) but also does not want to keep getting the error message pop ups. What do you suggest that she does?
Asked: 13:18 09/06/2016
johnv 13:18 09/06/2016
Forward them to another account (on her Mac or Phone) do this before you delete the account
mawk 13:18 09/06/2016
5 years old, but this should still work. (not me, the article)
robw 13:18 09/06/2016
The article here is for if the account still receives incoming messages; however, you DON'T want them to show up on your device. We want the emails to show up on the device when we go to mail. However we don't want an error message to keep popping up to say we need to log into an exchange. We still want to be able to see the emails for future reference though.
mawk 13:18 09/06/2016
I assume that since she left her job the work Exchange is no longer accessible to her.?
robw 13:18 09/06/2016
That is correct and they have removed her off the server but she still wants to be able to access the messages for future reference without getting an error message popping up on her phone.
mawk 13:18 09/06/2016
She will not be able to

Delete the account to get rid of the message.
robw 13:18 09/06/2016
OK but She still wants to be able to view her old messages Is there another place she can move the emails that she wants to be able to still access on her phone so she can still access them? If she deletes the whole account the emails won't show up any longer either, correct???

mail error message on exchange

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