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Maps: position on route not updating (iOS 9.3.2), map trouble

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Yesterday I ran into two (originally deemed three) issues with Maps on my iPhone 6 and Apple Watch. They might be related.

1) I had set a route from a Dutch railway station to a goal in Germany. Walking directions, since that is closer to my bicycle riding than driving directions.

I missed the haptic feedback from my watch, switched Prominent Haptic on, but the only haptic notification I received was my a roaming notice from my carrier. (I did consciously roam.)

I then noticed that the notifications on my watch didn't seem to update, later that my location didn't update on the phone either, unless I explicitly wanted my position (by pressing the button).

I think that this failiure came with iOS 9.3.2, as I very recently experienced no problem.

So I take the lack of haptic feedback from my watch to result from the lack of position tracking by the phone.

I also observed the my position on the map not to be too accurate, but that may be a result of the matter above.

I have just now restarted my iPhone to see if that may solve the problem. (I didn't do that on the road, as I knew that its battery would barely last anyway.)

2) The directions led me to a forest road (suitable for walking or driving, but not for cycling) that does exists, but leads to a no-go area, an abandoned military site with probably live explosives waiting to be touched. Judging from the state of the warnings and fences, this situation would have existed for many map updates. So my trust of the TomTom maps used has received yet another blow.
Asked: 11:36 09/06/2016
stillgreen 11:36 09/06/2016

Restarting the iPhone has reinstated both the haptic feedback (although weaker than I remember it) and the position updating. Some notifications were quite overdue, though. Others were quite in time, but made me wonder. See below.

Using Maps on a familiar 11km route today drove me mad. At a crossroads where I would ride my bicycle straight ahead (from a road with houses into the border of a park), the footpath through the park lies some twenty meters away to the left. Following the walking directions I turned left, and would have become completely clueless.

On the way home I used Google Maps. No winner either, and no haptics.

Whoever wants to assist two-wheel riders in navigating:

0) If calibration (checking the GPS satellites or whatever) would be useful, do offer the option.

1) A watch app with haptic notifications would be great. A killer app! (Rather a potential lifesaver.)

2) Limit the screen to one notification at a time. To be shown in time or on demand. Graphics welcome, especially concerning roundabouts and squares.

3) Don't expect signposts showing street names (at least not so much outside Amsterdam (NL) where I live.

3) Don't show past notifications. Don't expect cyclists to use one arm to click "Dismiss" on a watch on the other arm while riding.

4) Add an option to suppress all other notifications while navigating. I don't care about my e-mail or whatever when I'm navigating.

5) If the user seems to deviate from the route, recalculate the route (like Apple Maps seems to do).

6) Please let me beta-test the app. :-)

Maps: position on route not updating (iOS 9.3.2), map trouble

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