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Max simultaneous connected Bluetooth Peripherals

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Before purchasing a bluetooth mouse as a 3rd Bluetooth device, I want to verify IF there will be any problems do to simultaneous connections.

When connecting to and using the Bluetooth mouse,

1. Will the Surface Pen disconnect or become inoperable at that time??

2. Will the Big Jambox Bluetooth speaker that I occasionally use disconnect, become inop, or faulty?

I ask because I wish to avoid using wireless usb mice such as Logitech's M510 Wireless Mouse. Basically, I think I'll lose the receiver.
Asked: 14:57 15/01/2016
kingnm 14:57 15/01/2016
I use the pen and an external speaker at the same time and their is no lag. I'm getting a BT mosue also. I've also used it with a MS Wireless display adapter with no lag.

Max simultaneous connected Bluetooth Peripherals

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