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MHL vs Slimport

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MHL vs Slimport

i hesitate between a few phones ( LG G4, G5, Xperia Z5...)

But i play A LOT of games with tv-out hdmi on my Sony 50'' HDTV.

FOR ME the more important is no noticeable lag with my bluetooth controller and HDTV.

i had a Nexus 5, Nexus 4 ( slimport) and i NEVER detected any input lag with these phones on my HDTv even while playing emulator and mario bros, sonic games...

But i remember input lag was present and i notice it with my Samsung S5 same HDTV.

SO my question is: Is Slimport connection has less input lag than MHL ?

OR Is the LG G4 has less input lag than sony xperia Z5 ?

( analogix confirmed me yesterday that LG G5 has slimport )

Thanks for answer.
Asked: 10:15 07/03/2016
rossbliss 10:15 07/03/2016
Have you ever seen this video comparison between MHL and Slimport ?

The reason is that there are 3 versions of MHL :

MHL 1.0 and 2.0 are 3 Gb/s

MHL 3.0 is 6 Gb/s

(see page 3

Slimport adapters are 6.75 Gb/s (see

He uses a MHL 1.0 adapter in the video, but Slimport has less input lag than three MHL versions, galaxy S5 is only MHL 2.0 compatible

Xperia Z5 is MHL 3.0 compatible but i would not recommend you to buy it because of MHL 3.0 and poor performance due to overheating snapdragon 810, i would keep nexus 5/lg g4 or wait for lg g5.

We do the same thing, which controller do you use ? I want to keep in touch with you, how can i contact you ?
rational 10:15 07/03/2016
thanks for this Great answer !! im looking to get the lg g5 if it has slimport compatibility. i will pm you about contact info

thanks a lot
rational 10:15 07/03/2016
for controller, i use several ones: Ps3 wireless and wired, Moga pro, moga hero, ipega 9017, few others ipega and others controllers...

did you receive my pm, i sent you my email adress ? i saw several youtube videos in the last hours and all slimport phones work without lag, but mhl phones seems hit and miss, some have no lag at all , others are bad like your video.

About Z5 , is it throttle (cpu) really bad like most of 810 snpdragon phones ? i know z5c throttle, but is the z5 throttles really that bad or only become hot? i hate phones that cpu throttle !!

rossbliss 10:15 07/03/2016
Wow, that's a lot of controllers, i used ps3 wireless for my old rooted phone, ps3 has bluetooth version 2 (not sure for moga) and ipega version 3, bluetooth version 3 and 4 are faster and version 4 uses less power, do you notice less lag with ipega than with ps3 controller ? Now i use madcatz ctrlr because they are bluetooth version 4, i've found this nice comparison table

I bought two of them so i can play with friends like this

Lag between phone and screen depends of the screen too, you can see lag comparison between lot of monitors and hdtv here

Z5 cpu (and gpu) throttles like every snapdragon 810 phone, they make good score with antutu but really bad when playing 15 minutes to a game like real racing 3, just look real racing 3 (gamebench) in the comparison table, don't forget z5c has 720p screen

Source :

rational 10:15 07/03/2016
ipega 9017 has very slightly less lag than ps3 wireless and moga pro or hero. i had a steelserie bluetooth controller input lag was not great so i sold it. ps3 and ps4 wired controller seems the best input lag with the ipega 9017. moga pro and moga hero has very slightly more input lag , hard to feel the difference, but they are perfectly playable even for 2d games like mario bros... the difference is very very small, im not sure you will notice it. i notice it because i made several tests with several controllers and several hdtv and several phones LOL. But be caution the ipega 9017s ( i think its a fake ipega 9017 clone) has more input lag and its not fun. i have 3 ipega 9017 all work with the same input lag. ipega 9023 and 9025 are good controller with similar input lag but build quality is slightly inferior. but 9017 doesnt have R2 and L2 buttons. dont buy 9017s build quality is a lot worst. i have 3 hdtv. My Sony HDTV w800b has a input lag or 24ms ( rtings web site) its really a great input lag hdtv, one of the best ever. sony w800b paired with ipega 9017 in slimport, the lag is near non-existent, similar to wii, ps3...

my alcatel onetouch idol 3 has cpu throttle after 10-15 minutes with ppsspp and hate it. nexus 5 , samsung s5, never cpu throttle. Not sure for my lg g3 but it become VERY hot. my lg g4 seem to throttle but i didnt test it much. i mostly use my nexus 5 with slimport recently. THW WORST PHONE I HAD WAS THE XPERIA Z3, this phone has a awful input lag EVEN without using MHL. the Z3 own lcd screen has a lot of input lag, so much lag that mario bros was not playable for me with any controller, im not joking here, maybe i had a faulty one, if that exist... So i hesitate to buy the xperia Z5, but i tested the xperia Z5 for a few hours and i notice no input lag in its own lcd screen

But between all cell phones display i saw , my favorite one is this alcatel onetouch idol 3, im in love with the screen quality, brightness and colors , for a LCD its wonderful.

( edit: i had a moto x pure edition and it seem to cpu throttle, i didnt found it very fast in emulators though, i was surprised same 808 snapdragon than lg g4, but lg g4 perform better

edit: i just read your first link , ( im from quebec so i speak french man, i didnt think the z3+ was so bad, SO MUCH throttling
jocknotech 10:15 07/03/2016
Okay cane anyone tell me why my galaxy s3 lags with video and I'm using 2.0 MHL? Is there anyways to fix this?

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rational 10:15 07/03/2016
are you sure you have a authentic mhl 2.0 cable ? i had this trouble before. some mhl cable only do 1080p at 30hz , maybe thats your problem. while playing videos check the status display of your hdtv with your remote, for sony its DISPLAY button, if it say 1080p/30hz or 24hz that can be the reason.

or another reason is that you play mkv files that are too much strong for your S3 phone. but i never use mhl with a samsung S3, maybe your phone is not enough powerful..
rossbliss 10:15 07/03/2016
I reupload bluetooth versions and gamebench comparison tables links, they were dead

You really should try madcatz ctrlr, i instantly noticed the difference with ps3 wireless controller. Of course wired controller are the best to have less lag but you can't plug the Slimport adapter anymore because of the wired controller cable or have to buy Slimport nano-console with hdmi output and usb port but i prefer a bluetooth 4.0 wireless controller

I know Sony W series are the best for input lag, they are in the top of if you only show HDTV results by clicking in "display" navigation bar, Great hdtv ! I don't know the input lag of my 40" samsung HDTV but seems to be good when i activate "game mode"

I think that nexus 5 and S5 better because they have 1080p screen, lg g3, g4 and moto x pure have 1440p screen so more load to cpu/gpu, i play with lg g2 which has similar specs to nexus 5 (1080p), i don't know for your xperia z3

I would never buy a snapdragon 810 phone, they throttle too much, i prefer to wait for snapdragon 820 phones, maybe htc one m10 if it has MHL, snapdragon 820 has way better performance than 810 !

To jocknotech : First MHL 2.0 were released 25 September 2012 and galaxy s3 was released May 2012 so galaxy s3 is only mhl 1.0 capable, you can plug a mhl 2.0 cable but it will work with mhl 1.0 specifications so 1080i @30Hz
rational 10:15 07/03/2016
Slimport nano console seem fun to have, maybe i will buy one soon i suppose the Nano Console is like slimport adapter, with no lag

i recommend you to buy a Moga pro or hero controller you should try them, i dont think you will notice any lag in slimport, the build quality is the best around all bluetooth controller, analog stick are really great, but the moga pro is the best controller of all BUT its really big, too big for my taste. its bigger than xbox 360 controller and more weight to it, and you need big hands. Moga hero is a little too small and R2 and L2 trigger sucks unfortunately LOL. Moga pro L2 R2 trigger are awesome, better trigger than ps3 and ps4 controller, perfect build quality, PS3 wireless controller are the best option, i modded two ps3 controller with the Moga S.M.R.T. Lock Arm , its awesome ( i bought 2 CHEAP Moga mobile controller and remove their Lock arm and modded it with screw on 2 of my ps3 controller, that work perfect. weird thing to do LOL but it worth it. i modded my ipega 9017 analog stick thumbs with PSP analog stick thumbs, it work so much better. i will try to find a madcatz controller in future..

edit: the picture only show some of my controllers. its a picture i took a few months ago.
jocknotech 10:15 07/03/2016
Thanks for all the help!!

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MHL vs Slimport

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