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Movies & TV purchases on Android phone

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So I decided to get an Android and was wondering if there was a way to watch my purchased movies from Windows on my Android phone. I know you can't download them and put them on your phone due to protection rights. Is there anything I can do or is there news about Microsoft making their Movies app for Android?
Asked: 04:39 08/12/2016
matturn 04:39 08/12/2016
I'm sorry but that's not likely. I believe this kind of thing is only possible with music via Groove.
OliviaCamp 15:54 09/12/2016
You can remove the DRM protection by converting the purchased movies & TV shows to DRM free video format supported by your Android phone such as MP4, MKV and FLV. To do that, you need a DRM Media Converter to help you finish this work. You are able to download the software from:

Movies & TV purchases on Android phone

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