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my ipad is disabled

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My ipad is disabled i must have forgotten the pass code and tried to restore it and it says connect to itunes and it wont
Asked: 10:03 03/04/2016
helpneeded 10:03 03/04/2016
Well, you haven't told us much information. With the little that's there, I would guess your iTunes is out of date.

If your iPad Air is using a current iOS, that would be iOS 9.2.1, which requires iTunes 12.3 to communicate. iTunes 12.3 requires a reasonably current operating system on your computer - at least OS X 10.8.5 or Windows 7.

So you need to either proceed based on the above, or tell us much more information, like exactly what happens when you try to connect to iTunes, what version(s) of all software mentioned above you are using, etc.

my ipad is disabled

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