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My iPhone 6s+, 9.2.1 - safari keeps crashing if I try to type in the search bar.

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clearing cache/history/bookmarks, hard resetting, turn off and on phone, restarting safari..

none of these have worked. what can I do?

a month ago, my phone had to be taken into apple for damages and they replaced that phone with this current one. Now I'm having problems with it. The biggest one is safari crashing. I can navigate through clicking on the Google bookmark and typing in their search bar. But if I type in the safari address bar.. I can't even get past the first letter.

Pls help..
Asked: 09:24 07/02/2016
wolverine 09:24 07/02/2016
Try to reset your device. This won't delete your data stored on this device.

  • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button
  • Press and hold on the Home button
  • Keep holding both buttons until the display turns off and back on with Apple logo on it.

Alternatively, you may go to Settings - General - Reset - Reset All Settings

If this does not help, restore your device to factory settings. Note that this will erase the data from your device.Take a look this Apple Support article: Use iTunes to restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to factory settings - Apple Support.
avraadhya 09:24 07/02/2016
unfortunately, this didn't help the problem. I did both suggestions. Now I've lost all my settings and my safari is still crashing if i try to use the search bar.

I Appreciate your advice!
ukbill69 09:24 07/02/2016
I have just had the same issue. Another post suggested that you turn off Safari Suggestions in Settings. This worked for me.
oshatz 09:24 07/02/2016
This totally helped me!! Thank you so much, it's the randomest thing ever but totally works!
kavakava 09:24 07/02/2016
Go into settings - safari and turn off Safari Suggestions.

This worked for me as a temporary fix, hope it helps?
virovision 09:24 07/02/2016
I had the same problem which just started late yesterday. After 4 hours of resets and restoring from Backups (3x), the advice from Lighning192 (turn off Safari Suggestions in settings) worked. Thank you!!
dougedoug 09:24 07/02/2016
glad I was able to find you guys on a search for this same issue, I was about to take the phone in and have it looked at, as soon as I turned off the suggestions in the settings it fixed the issue... hopefully apple sees these post and makes some updates... thanks.
ukbill69 09:24 07/02/2016
From what I can see of the news online, it seems that the issue is a server based one with Apple and the suggestions that are sent back to Safari. Hopefully it will be resolved soon.
avraadhya 09:24 07/02/2016
there is hope in the world.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It worked for me!
avraadhya 09:24 07/02/2016
Turning off suggestions totally worked. Thanks!

My iPhone 6s+, 9.2.1 - safari keeps crashing if I try to type in the search bar.

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