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My Iphone / imessage / facetime keeps sending unauthorised sms'

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I use Apple products such as Iphone for ages. Eversince I have switch from provider to a new one (which does not have contract with apple), my Iphone keeps sending sms' to abroad without me knowing, untill I receive my invoice.

All messages are to an UK number. I have tried to find out which app is causing the problem. From reading issues from other users, I guess it is iMessage.

I only use my phone to sms not iMessage chats. All app are disabled, iMessage as well as FaceTime. How come these apps are still sending sms'? I have never authorised iMessage or any app to send sms'. Apple why is phone sending sms' without me knowing?

How can I block apps from sending sms' ? If anyone knows how, please let me know. It is rediculous that I have to pay for something I don't use. If apple likes making apps that sends messages, apple should pay the users bill.

If this issue can't be solved, then i need to consider using android.


A very frustrated iphone user
Asked: 14:21 30/03/2016
4comparison 14:21 30/03/2016
First there is no Apple in this user to user technical forum.

Second we user don't care if you move on to an Android, you're more than welcome to.

If you get an error when trying to activate iMessage or FaceTime - Apple Support

You're using a non supported iphone carrier as you stated in your post, that's why it's sending sms to UK number.

Take your issue up with your phone carrier.
blueuniverse 14:21 30/03/2016
This sounds like it might not actually be an iPhone issue but a friend of mine had similar problem. What it is, is that you might have accidentally opted into some kind of SMS marketing system which ends up charging you for premium texts. The only way to check this is to contact your new Moible network carrier and see is there is anything like this on your account. If there is, then you can ask them to stop it. You may even be able to ask them to get a refund for you as you did not actually mean to opt into this service.

I hope that this is of some help.
zackman 14:21 30/03/2016
Dude, are you just replying to get points or something?

I'm just asking if anyone has this experience and knows how to solve the issue.

This forum has an domain which is maintained and provided by Apple. Ofcourse there are apple employees in this forum who probably know something and want to share/solve which is unlikely but they do read users problems, at least a good company would.

I don't use iMessage or FaceTime for chatting, both apps are disabled. I only use iMessage app to send normal payed text message, unless you can tell me which other app I should use to do so.

Iphone is a mobile which can be used to making calls and send texts, why does a carrier need to support Iphone.

The thing is, it seems that Iphone is always sending activation messages to a central number, in my case it sends to +447786205094 an UK number. If a carrier does not make deals with apple than you will pay for the activation costs instead of the carrier. It is ridiculous and a true bug in the system when you don't use neither the iMessage nor the FaceTime app, both are disabled or never activated and yet the system is still sending sms to the UK number monthly. If I am traveling, it sends a few times a week or sometimes per day. Do understand that when an European travelling to the US the costs are high per message.

The carrier does not cause the problem in my case, it is a bug in iOS which Apple needs to solve. If there are already solutions for this, please share.
zackman 14:21 30/03/2016
Thanks for sharing, but unfortunately it is definitely not a carrier issue. Many european users have the same problem as I read in several forums.
akiwitz 14:21 30/03/2016
iMessage and Facetime are activated and maintained active by sending an SMS to an Apple server in the UK. EVERY iPhone does this, regardless of who the carrier is. Apple partner carriers do not charge for the activation SMS, but some non-partner carriers do. The only option is to not use Facetime and iMessage. To do this you must turn on Facetime, tap on your Apple ID, and sign out of Facetime. Then turn it off. Do the same for iMessage (logging out of Facetime may be sufficient to disable iMessage also; if you don't see your Apple ID when you turn it on you don't have to take any other action).
radsoft 14:21 30/03/2016
Yes, it is a carrier issue. If you were using a supported carrier, there would be no charges. You mentioned in your first post that you were not using a supported carrier.

Ask your carrier to block international texting.
akiwitz 14:21 30/03/2016
There are no Apple employees in Apple Support Communities other than as moderators, and they have neither the technical expertise nor the job responsibility to respond. They also don't read the forums, except to review posts reported by regular members as possibly violating TOUs. Apple has many different channels for direct support, but ASC is not one of them. Use the Contact Us link at the bottom of every page to see the available options.
albertindian2001 14:21 30/03/2016
Points can only be given by OP (original poster, that's you)

The Apple employees here are the moderators who checks that we follow the Terms of Use, did you read it?

This is solely a user to user technical forum.

The iPhone supported carriers also send an International text message, but waive the cost.

That's not a bug. This is how non supported carriers get your money.

You can de-register your iMessage here:
zackman 14:21 30/03/2016
Thanks for the contact us tip. I have called apple earlier and got looped into a menu with a computer voice telling me to first pay €29 for support before they maybe can answer any of my questions.
zackman 14:21 30/03/2016
IF the carrier blocks txt messaging then I can't send txt myself to people abroad.

WHy is it a carrier issue if its function is to pass messages from A to B. If A does not send a trigger then carrier doesn't do anything and B won't receive anthing either. If I as an owner of A does not allow or activate A, then A should freeze. Otherwise A acts on it self which is in my case. Sorry, that was a bit of an IT explanation for noobs. If apple is paying for these messages then that is another story, but still I think this is against European privacy law. I switch from a non apple partner carrier to another non partner carrier. The only different was that I upgraded the iOS version, I guess eversince the version with facetime. I don't even know which version that was, because I don't use it. Eversince I got my iphone6 an i didnt upgrade my iphon5 before that. If that is not a bug what is? Back to 5 now cause 6 *** for me.

My Iphone / imessage / facetime keeps sending unauthorised sms'

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