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My Lumia 535 is locked for security reasons . How do I unlock it ?

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it written to connect the phone to power source for 2 hours and try again i done that

but no use
Asked: 20:15 08/05/2016
gpwa 20:15 08/05/2016
You can reset it using the software recovery tool but it will wipe all the data from the device.
talkingcity 20:15 08/05/2016
It appears that your phone isn't locked for security reasons... it just needs charging. But since you indicated that you've already tried charging your phone, then you could check and ensure that the battery connection is secure and tight, and that the battery contacts are indeed properly aligned and set - and then you can try charging your phone again.
reh3363 20:15 08/05/2016
it's not true. i tried to recovery my phone almost 7 times and nothing, it shows that is an error and it's still locked for security. damn
tiff_07 20:15 08/05/2016
due to security concern your phone is locked charge it for 2 hours and try
tiff_07 20:15 08/05/2016
same problem help me guys.....
talkingcity 20:15 08/05/2016
Could you provide us with a screenshot of the issue you're experiencing?


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leydo 20:15 08/05/2016
Found this, I guess that's what is reported here : Lumia 920 has been locked for security reason - Microsoft Community

According to Windows 10 mobile build 10512 phone locked???, you might want to charge it during 2h and then *soft-reset* your device.
skunker 20:15 08/05/2016
I have a lumia 640 with that same error at 100% battery. "This device has been locked for security reasons. Connect your device to a power source for at least 2 hours, and then try again." Only button is emergency call.

My Lumia 535 is locked for security reasons . How do I unlock it ?

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