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My phone ran out of battery and now i cant charge it and it wont turn on

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My phone ran out of battery i tried to charge it and it wasnt working so i went to buy a new charger and that also doesnt work. I then tried doing a hardware reset that also doesnt work i dont know what to do can anyone help?
Asked: 00:00 04/06/2016
aleem 00:00 04/06/2016
Have you checked the charging port of the phone for compacted pocket fluff or such? Examine with a strong light, and try clearing with something such as a wooden toothpick.
rudi 00:00 04/06/2016
I am currentlydoing that hoping that it might just work
deejay 00:00 04/06/2016
ean your Chrging Port & also Buy Genuine Apple Charger & Cable
rudi 00:00 04/06/2016
I have cleaned it and tried other chargers from my friends who have the same phone and still nothing is working
rudi 00:00 04/06/2016
After some time and some cleaning the phone ended up working thank you so much for helping me!
aleem 00:00 04/06/2016
There you go. Well done.

My phone ran out of battery and now i cant charge it and it wont turn on

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