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my windows 10 laptop won't start up

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My Toshiba Satellite laptop won't boot up despite being fine last night.

I've pressed the power button but nothing happens - no noise, nothing on the screen, no lights on the keys or buttons.

I've plugged it into a charger and the same happens. I know the charger works because I've tested it on another laptop and it's fine.

I first tried at about 12pm and it still isn't working now.

I haven't tried taking out the battery yet because that requires screwdrivers and other hassle, but I do plan to look at it some time soon.

The laptop was working fine the day before. I made no major changes during that day. The most recent change is that I switched graphics cards about a week ago, from the new Windows 10 one to the original because it occasionally caused a "blue screen of death" and a forced restart. I looked online that reverting back to the original graphics card can solve it, and since then I haven't had that problem.

Last night I spilled a couple of drops, about a tablespoon, of water on the lid of the laptop when it was closed. I doubt that caused it as I read water can only damage the laptop if it finds its way inside, which would have been very unlikely (but still possible). Still, I clean my laptop every day by scrubbing the screen etc with a dishcloth but I've never had this problem.

What can I do to fix this problem, if there is a fix?

Asked: 12:33 15/01/2016
kdobson99 12:33 15/01/2016
I can provide you with some simple debugging methods but don't try anything if you have warranty.

1. U denoted graphics card change I don't get it mention full details as graphics cards are soldered to the mother in laptops you cant possibly change it. I think you changed between processor graphics and additional card that's not an issue.

2. Replace the battery and check if you have access to any other battery that match your laptop or check your own battery with a multimete.

3. If water reached the mother board there are two possibilities can cause a short circuit which damage the components and battery or leads to water lock in this case take it to shop.

my windows 10 laptop won't start up

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