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Need to find fix for speaker sound problem after IOS 9.3.2 update on iPhone 6s

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My wife & I just updated our iPhones (hers is a 6s, mine is a 6s+) to IOS 9.3.2

Mine works fine, but hers has no speaker sound.

Works fine with Earphones plugged in or bluetooth headset connected, but no regular sound from the speaker.

Tried to reboot, still no sound when playing music, testing different ringtones, nothing.

Checked to make sure all settings were the same as on my 6s+. Both are basic 16GB memory.

Is there any simple workaround for now until the bug is fixed? We are on the yearly upgrade program with Applecare Plus.
Asked: 13:15 09/06/2016
whizlabs 13:15 09/06/2016
Take a look at the following article: If you hear no sound or distorted sound from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch speaker - Apple Support

You mentioned some of the steps in your orginal post, but see what you have not done yet. Sometimes plugging and unplugging a pair of headphones a few times fixes the issue as well. -AJ
dmilford 13:15 09/06/2016
Thanks for the suggestion. We tried it, but it didn't work for our situation. We called Applecare support, tried a new download of IOS 9.3.2 by connecting the phone to a MacBook Air via cable but that still did not help. My wife then went over to the Apple store and they determined that the speaker is not functioning properly, so they are going to swap out her phone for a new one today (at no charge). I'm glad we are on the yearly upgrade program.

Need to find fix for speaker sound problem after IOS 9.3.2 update on iPhone 6s

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